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"#1 show that dominates cable news" line-up reads like supermarket tabloid cover

Reported by Chrish - April 28, 2007 -

If it's relevant information you're looking for, news of the world or politics or science, you'll have to look elsewhere. The highly touted O'Reilly Factor, never a font of facts or straight information to begin with, has further deteriorated into an hour of tabloid gossip, pop analysis, and fluff. For example, here's last night's show 4/27/07:

Talking Points Memo:
Chaos in the criminal justice system. O'Reilly cites three cases where alleged crimials are released and subsequently commit other crimes. Delivered with much dramatic flair and trademark outrage. Attacks one judge personally, by name.

Top Story:
Alec Baldwin mea culpa on The View. Twofer; slams Rosie O'Donnell and Baldwin throughout.
6+ minutes.

Impact Segment:
Media whore Ann Coulter messes with O'Reilly and denies comparison between herself and Rosie O'Donnell, repeatedly says all she cares about is selling books and making money. 4.5 minutes.

Unresolved Problem:
Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon (D) on hot seat, defends that city is not "sanctuary city." O'Reilly shrill, interrupting, turns out to be wrong about city procedures. Whines about how things should be (i.e., ALL crimes no matter how minor committed by illegal immigrants should be turned over the DHS.) @3 minutes.

Personal Story:
One employee of California Best Buy retail store installed camera in customer's bathroom to peep. He's been fired and charges filed. 4.5 minutes.

Bottom of the hour newsbreak:
Bush and Japanese PM at Camp David "talked a lot" about NK nukes, Bush threatening; Pentagon says top Al Qaeda operative captured, held at Gitmo; Putin threatening over US plans for anti-missile systems in Europe; economic growth in US Q1 slowest in 4 year because of housing slump, BUT Bernanke says economic expansion should not "fizzle out." More news in an hour. 1.5 minutes.

Fridays with Geraldo:
Discuss Alec Baldwin and his familial relationships, then Geraldo and his relationships - four siblings, five children, five wives. Nothing about O'Reilly and his marriage or parenting - hmm. For someone who likes to plant himself squarely in the middle of issues, he's being unusually silent on this one. 6.5 minutes.

Back of the Book - TV Icon of the Week:
Ken Osmond aka Eddie Haskell. Lots of clips from Leave it to Beaver (aahh, the good old days, right BillO?) 4+ minutes. Says BOR "You're not going to see this anywhere else!"

Most Ridiculous Item:
French self-loathing - poll numbers indicate French dislike themselves more than Americans dislike French. <1 minute.

Emails from viewers.

Woohoo, I feel smarter already. Let's cruise over to Rawstory.com and see if we missed anything:

National impeachment protests coordinator hopes 'Republicans can see which way wind is blowing' Why, it's National Impeachment Day! Sssshhhhh....

Top Bush official admits escort link, resigns

Justice Dept. official also resigns over Abramoff investigation...

Gonzales aides used 'tarnished' AG as example to follow

Fifteen dead in Pakistan blast
Bombing injures interior minister and son

Iraq bombing kills 55.

White House communications on Tillman death sought by panel

White House delays assessing surge

Eight US soldiers killed in Iraq

Report shows terror attacks shot up

Former Gen.: Bush should sign Iraq bill

Tenet: 'No serious debate before war'

The Factor may be the #1 eyeball-grabber on a self-proclaimed "news channel," but it sure isn't "news."