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News Hounds' Hate Mail

Reported by Melanie - April 27, 2007 -

For your Friday afternoon (April 27, 2006) reading enjoyment, please find below a compilation of our most recent hate mail. The emails appear here exactly as they do in our inbox. They have not been edited.

March 26, 2007. Subject: Red Eye.

The show is about COMEDY. Your website is a joke. Go get real jobs in an attempt to help our economy. If you have real jobs, then spend time with your kids rather than posting on your unimportant website. If you don't have kids you should adopt one or two from Darfur, then your life will have meaning.

You are doing no one any favors by posting your left-wing-anti-fox propaganda. Your website, of all websites, should understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Stop wasting your time by writing about insignificant junk.

And if you are wondering why I am even writing this email, since I do not appreciate your site, I have a good reason. I was searching Google for information about Red Eye and for some reason I found your site. I spent a good half hour reading your opinions, because you are entitled to them, but you are so far off your rocker that you should, in this case, spare everyone like me who might stumble upon this spin of the truth.

Best Wishes, I hope you see the conservative light

Oh, and feel free to correspond with me, if you have a different view than me.

March 28, 2007. Subject: site

I was hoping I would actually get a site that had facts not opinion...you are as guilty as fox news.

March 29, 2007. Subject: Feinstein is a war profiteer.

and you are a bunch of idiots! So, be proud of her!
Stupid is as stupid does! Three cheers for corruption
and the the newshounds who are so obviously busy
licking their butts and brown nosing the stupid
liberal electeds that play them for suckers, that they
ignore the real news!

March 29, 2007. Subject: Lol

You guys suck!

March 31, 2007. Subject: wacko

you guys are absolute wackos!! You have NO facts right. Is this produced by David Corny of the nation?

April 1, 2007. Subject: Please find a worthy cause

Fox news is about the only network that has any honor. They are the only
network that does not cover up the garbage taking place in this wonderful

Organizations like your are well aware but fear the American people knowing
the truth because it may hurt whatever agenda you have.

April 2, 2007. Subject: and you still can't Ford's name right. What pound did you go to for spelling?

It is sad. Perhaps you look after the MSMBC's and CNN's of the world. They
are dull, boring, and lie through their respective teeth.

April 3, 2007. Subject: No subject.

Wow, so you act as interpreter for those who are not smart enough to watch fox News. Now you know how millions of us have felt for years!!! I think Fox's ratings speak louder than your hateful web site. How sad your lives must be.

April 7, 2007. Subject: Thanks!

...for watching FNC so I don't have to, for giving me a skewed interpretation of their news, for encouraging me and others to never listen or watch for ourselves and actually make up our own minds.

C'mon folks, what is it with some of you far-left types and stifling people/orgs with whom you disagree? I disagree with your distorted interpretations of things (based on the 2 or 3 times I've dropped by your site), but I would NEVER try to shut you down. Far-left loons stormed the Minuteman rep at Columbia to shut him up. I believe it was Tom Tancredo recently who experienced something similar. Ann Coulter's had things thrown at her. And there are other similar incidents. This is wrong and unAmerican. In fact, it's a tactic Hitler used in his rise to power, sending out goons to intimidate public speakers who challenged his sick worldview. Can you not see the wrong in your approach?

If you can, then have a debate involving fact vs fact. But scrap the slogan "We watch Fox News so you don't have to." What are you afraid of? That some people might actually go "Hmmm... maybe O'Reilly or Hannity has a point"?

Western liberalism appears to be morphing into fascism. How ironic. And to think that Middle Eastern communists and leftists have actually gone in the opposite direction, SUPPORTING American efforts to wipe out the totalitarian theocratic loons. (NY Post editorial, April 1, 2007, by Amir Taheri)

So much for liberal fairness & open-mindedness.

April 8, 2007. Subject: is that all????

is this all you can come up with to bash FOX NEWS, give me a break, everything you try to say against them is just your opinion because you libs are so jealous, you just cant stand FOX, it beats cnn, msnbc hands down, you may try to bash them , but its all the tTRUTH!!! talk about trash mouth, msnbc and olbermann has them all beat, but that's ok with you, and how about cafferty on cnn, just tell me who is as bad as them and I mean seriously their trash mouth on FOX. and don't even try to say Sean Hannity, not even close. you all go after ann coulter with a vengeance, and its ok for rosie to say the crap she says, that 9-11 was planned. but you all are just the liberal kooks.

April 8, 2007. Subject: Bias

oh yea, and CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, BBC, and all of you in those communist corridors are not Left wing? fool yourselves, not Us, ordinary people.

you were all blown wide open in 'Bias' However it does not surprise me that you Lefties don't hang your heads in shame, you're all far too Arrogant for that.

Fox is still Top despite some hiccups, simply because people are tired of your whinging lies.

April 8, 2007. Subject: Fox News

Hi, I thought I would email you and tell you that I'm splitting my sides
laughing at your site. You know that the vast majority of Fox News
viewers are not Conservative, right? And that is more people than CNN
draws with their Liberal lies and rhetoric. Make sure you post the facts
on your website. I watch Fox News, because people like you are dishonest
about it. That is blatantly obvious.

April 11, 2007. Subject: Coulter

No, schmuck. You're the 'ho. And you will remain such until you condemn that racist bastard Sharpton for his felonious activities.and, along with his scum chum Jackson, for their instigating against Jews.

April 12, 2007. Subject: real unbiased news hounds


April 13, 2007. Subject: your website

I don’t know who you all are or who you represent….but it is so sad to read your site and hear the hate, anger and rage ….sad, sad, sad……

April 14, 2007. Subject: LIBERAL TRIPE

I just watched the video of Bill O'Reilly and that liberal pig geraldo and I was taken by the fact that all the communist geraldo could do was say that the issue of the injury of the Governor of NJ in an accident with a drunk ILLEGAL ALIEN was no more than an issue of drunk driving. He also said that we as Americans lure the ILLEGAL ALIENS here with enticing job offers. That is nothing but LIBERAL TRIPE. First of all, the ILLEGAL ALIEN in question BROKE THE LAW by being here. Second, the accident would not have happened had he not been here ILLEGALLY. And third, unscrupulous employers only hire ILLEGAL ALIENS because they will work for peanuts and won't negotiate for higher wages because they are here ILLEGALLY!!! If we deported ILLEGAL ALIENS as we should according to the law, those same employers would hire Americans to do those jobs at a slightly higher salary. I can tell by your tag line "We watch FOX so you won't have to." that you are supporters of LIBERAL causes, candidates and issues. If you are looking for fair and balanced news reporting, you shouldn't look to the LIBERAL drive-by media because they are run and by a group of former COMMUNISTS that want to bring about a socialist state here in the United States. They constantly attack democracy and the capitalist system which are the basis for the strength of the greatest country in history, the United States. I will do everything in my power, as will every red blooded American, to stop them AND you from trying to destroy our way of life. May you burn in HELL.

April 18, 2007. Subject: KOOKVILLE

Is this the Liberal city of KOOKVILLE? Sure looks like it

April 21, 2007. Subject: anything on your site

you are a bunch of brainless morons

April 23, 2007. Subject: News Hounds Media Digest #132

Do you loonie lefties ever quit whining?.

April 26, 2007. Subject: Thank Fox News

Of all the liberal sites there's something about Newshounds that isn't enlightening I guess I could say. If there wasn't a Fox News or Bill Oreilly, would you even have a popular site? I'm just wondering. You see other politcal sites focus on other figures, but you would be nothing without Fox. Don't you find that ironic? I know you've heard this time and time again, but I thought I would email you. If you don't respond then that's okay, it's expected. I'm certainly not defending everything Fox says and I don't agree with the war or the President so I'm not on one side or the other. Maybe one day you should do a blog post thanking the hand that feeds you.

April 26, 2007. Subject: How does it feel

to sit in your offices and wear your 20-20 vision glasses? You do ABSOLUTLEY NO ONE a service in your reporting. You guys are totally worthless and need to "get a life".

April 26, 2007. Subject: Feinstein

Can you say WAR PROFITEERING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Feinstein coverage, we need wathdogs to watch the watchdogs...you guys make me laugh...

April 26, 2007. Subject: Fox Rules

You all whack