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FOX News Alert: Natalee Holloway Still Missing

Reported by Ellen - April 27, 2007 -

Yesterday, I jokingly wrote that with the Bush administration's woes mounting, "I'll bet that somewhere in America, a FOX News operative is scouring phone machines for another "shocking" message from Alec Baldwin. Or maybe they could do a few weeks on Natalee Holloway still being missing." It turns out I was righter than I knew.

Hannity & Colmes spent the first three segments of their show tonight (4/27/07) on Alec Baldwin's appearance with Rosie on The View (OK, so it wasn't a phone call but it was about a phone call). Then, just as Hannity & Colmes ended and I was ready to head for my computer, there was a FOX News alert about some new revelations in the Natalee Holloway case.

Not quite, though that didn't stop FOXNews.com from prominently displaying the "breaking news" on their homepage. Here's the big news: Dutch police are searching the Van der Sloot home. As FOXNews.com described it: 'Investigation Has Never Stopped' Dutch police dig for new 'indications' in Natalee Holloway case outside home of one-time suspect in her disappearance." You can read more about it here. As I type, there's a legal panel on Greta's show discussing these latest "developments." To sum up: She's still missing.

Meanwhile, nobody talked about the Paul Wolfowitz scandal, Alberto Gonzales, Congress' subpoena to Condoleezza Rice, their demand for more information from the White House about Pat Tillman or Jack Abramoff's connection to Congressman Renzi and J.D. Hayworth or...

The list of Republican scandals goes on and on, as does the list of topics swept under the rug by FOX News.