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FOX busy bashing Moyers for delivering message of media failures in lead-up to Iraq war

Reported by Chrish - April 27, 2007 -

John Gibson's Big Story 4/27/07 found two minutes to repeat the FOX talking points about Bill Moyers' bias and lack of credibility, allowing Bernie Goldberg to repeat, word for word, the aspersions cast last night on the O'Reilly Factor. Of utmost importance is Alec Baldwin, who got two segments (including Top Story)totalling 12 minutes, complete with legal and psychological analysis. The Senate passing of the Iraq funding bill that's headed for Bush's second-ever veto only merited one minute, more evidence of FOX's Blip & Drip news delivery system: whatever FOX wants to bury gets a single blip, while a story they want to push gets the drip treatment - day after day repetition.

The Bernie Goldberg segment attempted to portray Bill Moyers as biased and unfair, and accused him of saying that Bill Kristol is to blame for the war in Iraq. Completely ignored - again - are Moyers charges against the corporate mainstream media, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and network news. Letting viewers see that Moyers condemns the work of the so-called liberal media would reveal that a.) he was fair and not targeting any one outlet, and b.) the so-called liberal media was behind Bush all the way to Baghdad, with the exception of some reporters journalists at Knight-Ridder.

Gibson and Goldberg kept up the "kill the messenger" task begun by O'Reilly without ever addressing the content of the documentary "Buying the War", the steno-like reporting of the mainstream media that allowed Bush administration to build support among the misinformed American people. Aside from the Knight-Ridder reporters, Phil Donahue was the only voice on television calling for restraint and allowing voices like Scott Ritter's to be heard.

Gibson awkwardly segued into the Moyers segment by conflating him with RosieO as someone who knows how to "play" the media, making outrageous statements like "PBS is a centrist news organization," but then he comes out with

"a biased, left-wing report on PBS not only attacking the Bush administration's justification for the war in Iraq, but also targeting the media for buying the argument for the war. Moyers specifically pointed the finger at conservative (sic) columnist Bill Kristol, saying he's to blame for the war in Iraq."

Goldberg came on and, after hawking his current book, reiterated what he said last night: Bill Moyers is a serious man who does serious journalism, and much of Moyers' documentary about the complicity of the press was very good. BUT he immediately diminished Moyers by saying he doesn't have the passion of a journalist, he has the passion of a "true believer," not surprising given his fundamentalist Christian background. Goldberg further analyzed that Moyers has been doing "penance" for his guilt over his role as Lyndon Johnson's press person during the Viet Nam war, and his "left-wing activism" is a manifestation of that guilt.

FOX is counting on its viewers not watching the documentary so not knowing what a ridiculous mischaracterization they are making of its content and of Bill Moyers. The folks at FOX want to keep their viewers misinformed and only trusting them. In trying to distance themselves from "the media" they are becoming increasingly fringe and irrelevant.