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Even Ann Coulter Is Fed Up With Bill O'Reilly's Rosie Obsession

Reported by Deborah - April 27, 2007 -

Even Ann Coulter is fed up with Bill O'Reilly's obsession with Rosie O'Donnell. Tonight Coulter appeared on The Factor supposedly to give her take on what O'Reilly called the " Rosie O'Donnell ordeal" as if he had really suffered through his endless segments of Rosie bashing. However, Coulter did not give O'Reilly the kind of feedback he was expecting. 4/27/07

He opened the segment acknowledging that he had vowed not to discuss Rosie but when he heard Ann Coulter was available he just couldn't pass it up. However, his first question comparing the two women seemed to annoy Coulter so she decided not to play BOR's game.

O'Reilly tried to make the point that although O'Donnell and Coulter were the same sort of personalities coming from opposite ends of the political spectrum, Coulter was condemned by the press while Rosie got a pass.

Coulter acted like she had no idea what he was talking and replied with things like "Define what?" and "I'm not sure what you mean." O'Reilly started to squirm trying to rephrase his premise bringing up the negative reaction she got after calling Edwards the " F word" but Rosie can get away with blah, blah and blah.

Coulter was not about to admit that her John Edwards slur hurt her telling BOR that every six months the press goes after her for something but it just increases book sales. Calling O'Donnell a " ranting loon bag" she thought O'Donnell's departure was not a victory for the right and it was all about money . Of course, this ticked off O'Reilly who was compelled to go into his rant about " the folks" and Disney.

Bill wouldn't give up and presented a hypothetical Coulter vs O'Donnell scenario even after Coulter told him, " There's nothing as insulting as you comparing me to Rosie." When he changed the scenario into a hypotheical job to " counter" O'Donnell, Coulter said she would do it for alot of money, " I make a lot of money selling books", she added defensively.

Then she threw Bill a few crumbs saying "it took 40 years to get rid of Dan Rather and David Brock and Cindy Sheehan are funded by the left.She claimed that forty years ago there were right wing conspiracies but now it's all on the left and that's what the mainstream media is putting on.

O'Reilly, like a classic obsessive compulsive personaliy, could not give up on the concept of Coulter as a conservative Rosie so he suggested the idea of Coulter taking Joy Behar's role.
She laughed, " I like her!" So he had no choice but give her the last word which was a doozy.
Check it out in the video.

comment: Ann Coulter is right. She can't be compared to Rosie O'Donnell who has a loving family, a devoted network of friends and a desire to contribute to society. What does Coulter have in comparison?