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Kilmeade Says Heather Mills Might Be "A Witch"

Reported by Donna - April 26, 2007 -

Watching Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends is sometimes very painful. Today was full of fluff, including the constant shots of President Bush dancing where Kilmeade kept fawning and saying how great or awesome the president was. But his true feelings were shown when he went after Heather Mills, Paul McCartney's ex.

Heather Mills and her partner were kicked off the Dancing With Stars Show this week and Kilmeade said there was controversy surrounding her after the show. Doocy said she unbooked herself on some shows and showed up on some shows. (How is that controversial, it happens all the time?) Doocy said she had been offered about a half a million to be on the UK's Big Brother Show.

Kilmeade then said that Barbara Walters showed another side of Heather when she didn't show up for her show, then he went into a tirade about a time he had interviewed Paul and Heather and he said he asked her tough questions and she just snapped at him. He said he said to Paul that she could be a little tough and Paul rolled his eyes and said yes she can. Kilmeade said that then the whole marriage imploded. (Like Kilmeade could see it coming)

Then Kilmeade said that Barbara Walters gave us the back scenes that Heather may be a witch. (I'm sure Barbara didn't call Heather a witch, this was Kilmeade's word)

Comment: I wish I could report that Kilmeade had asked the president tough questions or someone in the administration tough questionz. But no, he saved them for Heather Mills (Why, I don't know). Instead he bends over backwards to praise the president's dancing (the president looked ridiculous) and went after Heather Mills who is known for her charity works with prosthetics for children and landmines.

Sometimes the irony just doesn't stop on this show.