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FOX feeding frenzy over O'Donnell's departure from The View

Reported by Chrish - April 26, 2007 -

To be fair, the rest of the major media outlets covered Rosie O'Donnell's announcement that she's leaving The View on ABC when her contract expires in June, but on the increasingly tabloidy and irrelevant FOX it was THE story du jour. John Gibson's My Word and Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo were both focused on the talk show host's decision, and both predictably spun it to appear that O'Donnell did not choose to leave of her own free will.

The My Word column on 4/25/07 was titled "Why ABC Axed Rosie O'Donnell" and claimed "Rosie got pushed out by ABC." Citing her crude humor at an awards ceremony this past weekend, he said that probably confirmed what

"... the ABC suits and Barbara Walters had already decided. They had to have decided she must go because of one reason: her insistence on pushing 9/11 conspiracy nutter theories on national network television, "

This completely ignores everything that O'Donnell and Walters have said and written, that O'Donnell wanted a one-year contract and ABC insisted on three, and that Barbara Walters had nothing to do with the negotiations. She said On The View yesterday, after O'Donnell announced she'd be leaving, that she was saddened by the decision. Is Walters a liar too? Is it a conspiracy?

O'Reilly of course patted himself on the back for "predicting" her leaving, although he insinuates it was not her decision:

"In corporate America, there are boundaries. People who make money for corporations can stretch the boundaries. But sooner or later, the corporations, in this case Disney, has to decide what's best for the shareholders."

He couches it: "Now I don't know whether Ms. O'Donnell left "The View" on her own or was pushed. — I wasn't there. I do know that performers who make money for a corporation can usually work out a deal." Then O'Reilly brought in self-proclaimed ROD expert Donald Trump, who weasely pretended to have inside info, to shore up his "beliefs":

O'REILLY: Do you have any inside information about Disney?

TRUMP: I don't want to say what I have, Bill. I can just tell you that this was a deal that was not going to happen. And she —most likely — I mean the straw that broke the camel's back was what she did at the Waldorf- Astoria.

O'REILLY: Yes, that's what I believe, too. But let me just get this straight. You don't have to burn any sources, but you are convinced that Disney threw her over the side.

TRUMP: I am convinced that Disney threw her over the side, absolutely.

So there you have it, excellent reporting from three rich publicity hounds who hate her, deciding against all statements to the contrary that ABC fired her. If only we could get these three to wish as fervently for world peace.