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Fox Fails to Mention that Republicans Voted for the Iraq Spending Bill Too

Reported by Melanie - April 26, 2007 -

Apparently Fox doesn't want its audience, which most certainly consists largely of "Bush's base," to know that two Republicans, Gordon Smith of Oregon and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, voted in favor of the Iraq spending bill passed by the Senate today (April 26, 2007). Both a Fox anchor and its "Chief Washington Correspondent" failed to mention that significant fact this afternoon on Fox News Live w/Jane Skinner.

The top story on Fox "nothing-but-the-news" Live was the spending bill. Skinner introduced Fox's hotshot "Chief Washington Correspondent," Jim Angle, with,

Once again, on Capitol Hill, where defiant Democrats have just this past hour pushed through a war spending bill in the Senate, setting that timetable for US troops to leave Iraq. The bill is set to land on the president's desk by early next week and Chief Washington Correspondent Jim Angle is here to tell us what happens then.

With that, Angle proceeded to tell the audience that "the Democrats" don't have enough votes to override Bush's promised veto. That, "Obviously, Democrats want to make a statement about the war," and that, "The interesting thing is, the Republicans, on the other side...say that setting artificial dates for withdrawal will simply leave Iraq in chaos."

(My emphasis.)

Comment: Both Skinner and Angle had the opportunity to tell Fox's audience about the two Republican "yes" votes but neither of them did. Heck, they couldn't even bring themselves to use the word "bipartisan." Then again, I can see how letting this inconvenient truth be known might muck up the bashing that Fox will dish out to Democrats over this.