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Malkin calls Moyers liar, O'Reilly thinks he's only senile

Reported by Chrish - April 25, 2007 -

After a Talking Points Memo that professed to prove Bill Moyers to be untruthful but which only exposed O'Reilly as overeager to smear a respected liberal (whose PBS Special tonight, which O'Reilly hasn't seen, promises to be damning of the corporate media of which FOX is a part), O'Reilly had Marvin Kalb and Michelle Malkin on to further discuss the non-issue. Malkin was particularly vicious and Kalb perhaps unwittingly revealed how little he watches O'Reilly, as he said that BOR did not use the pejorative "far-left" as did Malkin.

(A quick search of News Hounds - "O'Reilly far-left" - finds over 200 entries. "O'Reilly left-wing" yields another 200+. Hmm.)

O'Reilly said to Malkin that he had another, oh, 15 minutes of tape on Moyers, including the Rolling Stone interview, but he thinks he made his point with the incidents he highlighted in the TPM. If you haven't already, read that post. We can assume O'Reilly used the most "damning" footage he could find to discredit Moyers, which leads one to wonder just how weak the rest of the material must be.

Given a choice between Moyers being forgetful or dishonest, Malkin said it was fairly obvious that he was being dishonest, and the tapes spoke for themselves. She thinks that Moyers has benefitted from his own reputation, and repeats the misinformation that his upcoming documentary on "the Bush administration PBS" is publicly funded. At the same time, she said, a former Reagan official has not been successful in getting a documentary on "jihad" on the air, which to her way of thinking proves that his film's premise of conservative collusion is baseless.

O'Reilly, addressing Kalb, said he resented being accused of being in the tank for the Bush administration, and Kalb replied that he was puzzled by the Watters/Moyers clips. But, said Kalb, "I do not believe that you use the expression Michelle does, "far-left." I think that's pejorative, I think that's unnecessary. You disagree with him, he disagrees with you." Yes, O'Reilly is SO civilized.

Kalb did note that O'Reilly seems to accuse anyone left of center of being "far left" and wouldn't characterize George Soros either way, as he doesn't know him and doesn't consider Moyers seat on a Soros-funded BoD as evidence of anything. Asked if he sat on any Boards, O'Reilly said no, and hastened to re-track the conversation

O'Reilly then said well, Moyers said he didn't say it, we showed the tape that showed he did say it (only in the All-Spin Zone could that tape be construed as proving O'Reilly's wishful thinking), but O'Reilly is willing to cut the 76-year old Moyers some slack; "he doesn't know any more." Actually, Moyers will turn 73 in June, 4 days before Kalb will turn 77. I wonder how O'Reilly's audience, median age of 71, will like that little slap.

Kalb said he thought it would be beneficial to the program and to the American people if Moyers would come on the Factor, but just to condemn him, as BOR and MM are doing, is not fair.

O'Reilly reminded Kalb that "you go as far as the evidence takes you", and Kalb shot back that neither of them had seen the documentary. O'Reilly indignantly retorted that he read a review in Variety, and PBS wouldn't send him a preview - how about that! When the Harvard professor reiterated that they hadn't seen it, O'Reilly responded that "it doesn't matter." He stayed in the parameters of what Moyers said to RS, and what he said to Watters, and it wasn't true! Just like that, BOR believes he has single-handedly undermined and ruined the career and credibility one of America's premier journalists.

Kalb then said "What was true was that when the war was being set up, and in the first year or even two after the war got started, FOX and many othe people associated with FOX, the FOX point of view, let's put it that way, said all kinds of things in support of the war which were not being borne out by the facts...." O'Reilly overtalked at that point, saying he went on facts, and facts alone.

Giving Malkin the last word, he asked her

"Do you really feel that Moyers is a liar, that he's a rank liar, that the guy - he's had a pretty distinguished career - would just go on - I think he just doesn't know anymore. I think he's just in a fog, Michelle."

Malkin thinks that is "generous" and says he is far more a propagandist than he is a neutral journalist. Addressing Kalb, she accuses Moyers of pejoratives "for the way he talks about FOX News in particular as some uniform, right-wing radical mouthpiece of the Bush administration, when clearly that is not true." If he watched O'Reilly's program over the last several years, he'd know that's not true; it's Bill Moyers who has the projection problem.

O'Reilly wraps up saying Moyers certainly has a credibility problem; his credibility is shot.

What a joke.