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Kristol & Kilmeade: U.S. Is Fighting Al Qaeda In Iraq Not Sunnis & Shias

Reported by Donna - April 25, 2007 -

Fox and Friends brought on Bill Kristol from the Weekly Standard to speak about Harry Reid and the Democrats. Of course Kristal was on hand to put down the Democrats as there were no Democratic guests to make it fair and balanced.

They started with a clip of the vice president saying that Harry Reid had himself said that the war in Iraq will bring his party more seats. Then they had a clip of Harry Reid saying Dick Cheney was the attack dog and he wasn't going to get into a name calling match with someone who had a 9% approval rating. Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade went to Bill Kristol who Kilmeade called a Fox News Political Analyst and a "really smart guy."

Kilmeade asked Kristol if this really mattered or was the president going to win anyways. Kristol said it did matter, the Democrats were really behind withdrawing from Iraq. He said the Democrats were willing to accept defeat and that Harry Reid had said the war was lost and the Democrats were pretending they wanted a political solution but they weren't doing anything to make a political solution more possible. He said they weren't prepared to allow for security to make the surge and political solution possible.

He went on to say that the Democrats were willing to accept defeat and lose to Al Qaeda.

Gretchen Carlson asked if the Democrats thought that the war was lost why would the Democrats continue to fund the war. (Obvious question to discredit the Democrats) Kristol said he didn't know, that the Democrats really should get us out in 3 to 6 months. But the truth was the war wasn't lost and General Petreus was an honorable and serious man. He said Petreus would not be sending young American women and men to fight and to die if he thought this war was lost.

Kristol went on to say that Reid saying what he said meant that he thought the chain of command was acting dishonorably in continuing to recommend that more troops come in and we take aggressive tactics against Al Qaeda. (Comment: Yes, as they have been) He said that the Senate Majority leader saying this in the middle of a war, that we lost, is really a stunning thing.

Kilmeade said you have the Shia and Sunni fighting and you don't want to fight a civil war but Al Qaeda is there and they are there by the thousands. (Where does he get his figures from?) He said you can't compare it with how many are in Afghanistan, there are more in Pakistan. (I have no idea what he was trying to say) Kilmeade wanted to know where Condoleeza Rice and Gates were, why couldn't they step up and say that Harry Reid doesn't know what he's talking about.

Kristol said that President Bush wasn't being well served by his Secretaries, that Rice was doing diplomacy and Bob Gates was sending mixed messages about hoping to get out soon.

Kristol went on to make the point that our soldiers were not getting shot by Sunnis and Shias, we were fighting Al Qaeda over there.

Comments: Remember when the State Department came out with the figures that the foreign fighters in Iraq were around 5 to 7%? Now Kristol and Kilmeade have us fighting only Al Qaeda over in Iraq. And to think, there were no Al Qaeda fighters when we invaded Iraq.

Just a typical one sided topic on Fox who, once again, didn't show a fair and balanced segment.