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Hannity Goes To Bat For White Bigots

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2007 -

Last night (4/24/07), Hannity & Colmes once again defended radio hosts JV and Elvis who were suspended by CBS radio (the same network Imus was on) for making a revolting and bigoted prank call to a Chinese restaurant. Then, minutes after Sean Hannity decried the firing and not being able to make “Irish jokes,” he was complaining about the language used by rappers.

The unbalanced panel included a friend of the two suspended hosts and talk show host Dennis Prager. Apparently, the FOX News producers felt that having had one representative from a Chinese group the night before, their quota had already been met for this night, too.

The choice of Prager was particularly telling. Prager, you may recall, was recently condemned by the Executive Committee of the US Holocaust Memorial Council (to which he was appointed by President Bush) for having views “antithetical to the mission of the Museum as an institution promoting tolerance.” That was in response to a column Prager wrote attacking African-American Congressman Keith Ellison for using the Koran, instead of the Bible, at his ceremonial swearing in. Prager accused Ellison of making the country more vulnerable to terrorism and undermining American civilization. Hannity, of course, was all ears to Prager's intolerant views. Not surprisingly, Prager did not find the radio hosts’ remarks racist. To his credit, he did find them offensive because they were designed to humiliate someone.

Somebody please tell these overpaid media personalities to quit their whining about free speech on the airwaves. There has never been any such thing. Why hasn't Alan Colmes asked one of the Republican guests to explain what was inaccurate in Harry Reid's statement that the Iraq war has been lost? When was the last time David Brock was allowed on FOX News to confront them about their claims of being “fair and balanced?” Why have there been no Hannity & Colmes discussions on Alberto Gonzales since his ill-received testimony before the Senate last week? Don’t tell me it’s because the audience would not be interested. Meanwhile, as the rest of us know damned well, there are certain things we can and can’t say when we’re on the job. I don’t know about FOX News but at my little job there’s a code of conduct right in my employee manual and it specifies, for example, that I can’t use hate speech on the job. If someone can explain how it harms America to hold the fluffy-haired ones in front of a microphone to the same standards, feel free to post a comment or send me an email.

Nevertheless, I might have had some respect for Hannity’s position if he didn’t in the very next segment attack black rappers for their language. In a segment that was supposed to be about the no snitching movement, Hannity suddenly changed the subject to criticize rappers over the "degradation of women." Hannity said, “Calling women all these names. What impact do you think this has on the minds of young people?”

Probably the same impact as jokes about “nappy-headed hos” and “Shrimp flied lice” would.