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Bill O'Reilly attacking Bill Moyers for untruths - welcome to SurrealTV

Reported by Chrish - April 25, 2007 -

Professional character assassin Bill O'Reilly calling journalist Bill Moyers out for supposed untruths and smears is as ludicrous as me criticizing Paul Prudhomme for bland cooking. To top off the ridiculousness, he had rabid right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin on to heap scorn on Moyers.

Moyers has declined to appear on O'Reilly's Circus, so O'Reilly sicced producer Jesse Watters on him, accosting him on the street. When Moyers replied that he "didn't say that" to Watters' accusation, O'Reilly played tape from a Rolling Stone interview that proved...that Moyers didn't say that. Surreal. From the 4/24/07 Talking Points Memo:


WATTERS: Why are you attacking Bill, now?

MOYERS: I'm not attacking Bill.

WATTERS: Well, didn't you give an interview where you said he was part of a slime machine and trying to discredit other journalists?

MOYERS: I didn't say that.

WATTERS: Yes, you did. You said that's to Rolling Stone.

MOYERS: No, I didn't say that.


To echo Jesse, yes, you did, Bill. Roll the tape.


MOYERS: The FOX News, the talk radio, The Weekly Standard have not only mongered for war along with the administration, not only embraced the administration's policies because they were "conservative", including going to war, but also mounted a slime machine to discredit any journalist who dared to stand against the official view of reality.


Funny, I don't see Bill O'Reilly mentioned in there anywhere. Watters continued his hard-hitting journalism:


WATTERS: You said that Bill spews venom.

MOYERS: No, I didn't.

WATTERS: You did not say that?

MOYERS: I did not say that.


Well, once again, let's go to the tape.


MOYERS: If a journalist tried to tell the truth about the intelligence the Hannitys and the O'Reillys and the Limbaughs and the Mike Savages would come down on them and you know slander them, discredit them. So that good reporting lost its power to break through because of this, this avalanche of opposition and venom directed at them.


O'REILLY: I believe I heard the word "venom."

O'Reilly looks so ridiculously pleased with himself at this supposed "gotcha" that proves (to him) what a liar Moyers is. In his opinion, Moyers was "frustrated" with Watters but the video shows him looking directly at the camera and saying

"Bill O'Reilly does not have the courage to come on my show and answer the questions I wanted to ask him."

O'Reilly said that wasn't true:

"We consented to the interview with Moyers provided to be taped on "The Factor" set, so we'd have a copy of the conversation. -- Not that we don't trust you, of course."

Moyers declined O'Reilly's invitation to appear on The Factor, as do most intelligent and serious people these days. O'Reilly then smeared Moyers a bit more, wondering if he's deliberately lying or just forgetful. He finished the segment with yet another untruth:

"...PBS is paying him to produce documentaries that are purported to be "objective." Bill Moyers is not objective, has a problem with the truth, and should no longer be receiving taxpayer money. And that is the truth."


As Ellen has already noted, on Democracy Now this morning, Moyers stated that he never took any public money for his show, no money from PBS nor CPB, that he raised all the funds privately via corporations and foundations.

Will we see a correction or retraction? Not likely, but we'll keep an eye out.