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John Gibson's reporting intended to "make you angry"

Reported by Chrish - April 24, 2007 -

Reporting with an agenda is nothing new on The Big Story, but today 4/24/07 John Gibson came right out and said so. In a segment devoted to "a wave" of "Illegals, Mexicans usually", who are driving drunk and killing innocents, Gibson let slip that his goal was to anger viewers about the loss of American life to illegal immigrants.

Steven Camarota from The Center for Immigration Studies was the sole guest, and he agreed with Gibson's assessment that it is a growing problem and that first offenders should be deported before they have a chance to inflict any more harm. Camarota said that in some cases, it is not clear at all that federal Immigration Services would have responded to request for help from local law enforcement agencies.

The International Relations Center says of CIS

"Founded in 1985 as a think tank to support the more activist work of the anti-immigrant Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), CIS is dedicated "to expand the base of public knowledge and understanding of the need for an immigration policy that gives first concern to the broad national interest. The Center is animated by a pro-immigrant, low-immigration vision which seeks fewer immigrants but a warmer welcome for those admitted."

CIS describes itself as “independent” and “nonpartisan,” but its studies, reports, and media releases consistently support its restrictionist agenda and works closely on Capitol Hill with Republican Party immigration restrictionists. However, CIS has achieved credibility with the media and in think tank circles because of its lack of the kind of strident anti-immigrant rhetoric associated with many restrictionist groups, its willingness to invite pro-immigrant voices to its forums, and the scholarly format of its reports."

Gibson provided the stridency and 4th-grade graphics to keep his viewers' attention.

Luciano Melendres was driving drunk and with a revoked license when he killed pedestrian Dacus Lamont Sims; he fled the scene in his vehicle, which bore "fake" tags. "Now, if that wasn't enough to make you angry, this illegal immigrant was arrested last year for driving while impaired." For that, he was sentenced to one year unsupervised probation.

As I've said before, I have no sympathy, none, for drunk drivers, and would be pleased to see eye-opening penalties for first offenses and the keys thrown away for repeat offenders, regardless of their resident status. But Gibson's xenophobia is showing again as he repeatedly referred to the driver's illegal status and the fact that Americans have been killed. Like O'Reilly before him, he is diverting the focus from the drunk driving problem in this country (16,885 alcohol-related automobile fatalities in 2005, the latest statistic from MADD) instead making the issue about illegal immigration.

The agenda is to reinforce the "lawless" label as applied to illegal Mexican immigrants. This has the effect (intentionally?) of casting doubt on all Mexican-Americans, to the point that FOX wants us to think it's OK to question the legal status of all brown people. Coupled with the network's stars repeated endorsements of Muslim profiling, it's likely that FOX swallowers will more readily embrace the concept of national ID cards before long.