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Even in video clips, Republicans get favoritism on FOX

Reported by Chrish - April 24, 2007 -

In a short segment on The Big Story today 4/24/07, John Gibson introduced video clips of VP Dick Cheney accusing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of playing politics with the Iraq war, and Reid reportedly had a news conference to rebut immediately after Cheney's.

The intro to the segment included Cheney's talking points, that Reid is pursuing a "defeatist" (which also appeared on the banner) strategy in Iraq to win votes in the next election, and only mentioned that Reid replied immediately. Of interest, Gibson called Cheney's appearance "rare", to counter Reid's later remarks that Bush sics Cheney on people "often."

Cheney was shown saying that "Some Democratic leaders" think that blind opposition to the "new" strategy in Iraq is good politics, and alleges that Reid said that the war in Iraq will bring Democrats more seats in the next election. "It is cynical", he said, "to declare that the war is lost because you believe it gives you political advantage." (25 seconds)

In the following clip, Reid was seen saying that Bush sends out his attack dog, Cheney, often, and he was seen again today attacking not only him but also the Democratic caucus. (15 seconds)

So Cheney's message was repeated, twice, that Reid/Democrats are cynically using the war in Iraq to further their political power, and Reid's message is, well, no message was delivered.

Gibson concluded by saying that Democrats claim the election that returned them to power in November was a referendum for change in strategy in Iraq, but Bush says the American people did not vote for failure.

Comment: That's correct, and those two statements are not contradictory.

It is galling to hear Cheney call anyone else cynical in their use of the Iraq war/war on terror for furthering political power, after the Republicans ran 3 election cycles based on fear, security, and Bush's supposed leadership abilities.