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Fox & Friends Make Fun Of Sheryl Crow, Praise Karl Rove

Reported by Donna - April 23, 2007 -

Sheryl Crow and Laurie David have been doing their Stop Global Warming Tour for the past two weeks.

Apparently there was a row with Karl Rove at the White House Media Dinner.

The Fox and Friends crew continued to put down Sheryl Crow (spelled incorrectly on the crawl as Cheryl Crow) by taking one way she said we could consume less paper by using less toilet tissue. They even had it as their question of the day, 'Out of her mind or is one sheet fine?" Of course everyone who called in said that Crow was wrong and didn't know what she was talking about.

The Fox & Friends gang carried on the segment into the next hour. Gretchen Carlson asked if she (Sheryl Crow) had a meltdown when she confronted Karl Rove. (Just the wording is detremental to Sheryl Crow) Carlson said they were going to have a fair and balanced debate on the subject.

The problem was when Steve Doocy introduced the two people for the 'fair and balanced debate' he called David Corn a Democcratic Strategist who then told Doocy he was not a Democratic Strategist, he was a journalist. The Republican Strategist was Nancy Pfotenhauer. Corn said that he didn't see anything wrong with Sheryl Crow approaching Karl Rove at the Media Dinner. Pfotenhauer said that they (Crow and David) had crossed the line and Rowe was a pretty cool customer. She added that what Crow "lacks in common sense she makes up in enthusiasim."

Comments: All in all a very biased report against Laurie David and Sheryl Crow. They made fun, used ridiculous questions, pretended to use a Democratic Strategist and just came down on Karl Rove's side in the whole situation. Kilmeade even went as far as saying what a good dancer Rove was. Give me a break. Where Fox and Friends were reporting that Sheryl Crow grabbed Karl Rove, the Huffington Post is reporting that she just reached out to touch him. The point is that Sheryl Crow and Laurie David are environmentalists and we know how the administration feels about this. As the administration goes, so does Fox News.

We report you decide.