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Brit Hume, You're no Walter Cronkite

Reported by Melanie - April 23, 2007 -

Last night (April 22, 2007) during the "Power Panel" segment of Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume, the guy Fox News puts forth as its Walter Cronkite, used all of the administration's talking points in criticizing Harry Reid for telling George Bush that the war in Iraq has been lost.

Opening the segment, Chris Wallace turned to Hume and asked, "Is it possible that Harry Reid is right?"

Bush Hume said:

Well, of course it's possible but he doesn't know that. I think he believes that, and that, that's what's interesting here. He said, in my view, what he thinks and what a great many other Democrats think. They think this whole thing is a misbegotten mission from the start and a lost cause and they don't like to say let's retreat and let's withdraw and let's leave the battle field but that's what they want to do. So, they call it 'transitioning the mission,' which is truly almost laughable.

The president has a point when he says that withdrawal is not a strategy. It isn't and the troubling thing now, it seems to me, politically possibly, for the Democrats, if you look at the carnage that's occurring now, these spectacular suicide bombings that are killing people in such large numbers, this is Al Qaeda in Iraq at work and if we were to leave now, in the face of this, we would be, in effect, running away from Al Qaeda, a very peculiar position for anybody to be in, it seems to me.

Comment: In lieu of paying Hume's salary, Fox might just as well have splice together video of some of George Bush's speeches and shown it.