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FOX News Attacks Senator Reid For Saying Iraq War Is Lost, Avoids Saying That It Isn’t

Reported by Ellen - April 22, 2007 -

As I wrote in my previous post, Hannity & Colmes completely ignored a plethora of bad news for Republicans last week (4/16-4/20/07) yet still found time to debate Senator Harry Reid’s comment that the Iraq was has been lost. In the ensuing food fight of accusations and denials, nobody discussed how the war is actually going. With video.

Last week was a particularly awful week in Iraq. So you’d think a war supporter like Sean Hannity would have been eager to tell a disapproving and restive public just how mistaken Reid was. Wrong. Hannity and his Republican cohort for the segment, FOX News contributor Angela McGlowan, were only interested in attacking Reid and Democrats. That was a great opportunity for Alan Colmes and Democratic FOX News contributor Bob Beckel to re-frame the debate by demanding that Hannity and McGlowan explain just where Reid was wrong and just what makes them think we’re winning. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, either. Instead, Colmes and especially Beckel allowed Hannity and McGlowan to set their aggressive agenda and never called them on their tactics.

In a promo for the segment, Alan Colmes asked, “Is (Reid) being criticized for simply stating the truth?” It was a great question which, unfortunately, was never answered in the actual discussion. Instead, the focus remained on the question raised by the chyron, “Waving the White Flag?”

Hannity began with his phony-baloney Hanctimony. He asked Beckel how the troops were feeling "now that Harry Reid has said that they've lost the war and that their enemies now have been emboldened."

In fact, in the article I read about Reid’s remarks, there was nothing to indicate that Reid said our enemies have been emboldened. That sounds like Hannity's claim. Reid did say, "This surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week."

Beckel could have answered that maybe the troops were glad someone spoke the truth about the failed surge, that maybe they'll be delighted that the Democrats are trying to bring them home, something the majority of the country wants to see happen. But instead, Beckel said that the troops have not lost the war, Bush has. That could have been a good beginning to explain just how the war has been lost but Beckel never took it any further.

Beckel allowed Hannity to interrupt him to say, "Harry Reid is a disgrace, Harry Reid needs to resign."

Beckel could have used that as an opening to talk about some high-profile Republicans who are much more likely to resign in disgrace: Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and Rep. John Doolittle. Sadly, that was another opportunity Beckel passed up.

As Beckel dithered over his "point" that Reid did not say the troops lost the war, McGlowan jumped in. McGlowan was a self-satisfied and self-important (without any justification) big mouth who seemed to think that the more she overtalked Beckel and Colmes the less intelligent she needed to sound. She also wore such a low-cut neckline, I thought she might be auditioning for some kind of “Contributors Gone Wild” show right after the segment. "Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave and Saddam Hussein is smiling," McGlowan said tritely. Then, in a flat voice that sounded as though she were reading a cue card, McGlowan asked, "What strategies have you guys come up with than cut and run and retreat?"

Beckel never had the chance to answer because Colmes interrupted to take his turn and make a point of welcoming McGlowan warmly.

Colmes did make some good arguments. He quoted Senator Gordon Smith: "The war in Iraq has mutated. It's not our fight and something we can fix." Noting that Smith is a Republican, Colmes asked, "Why don't you go after him?"

"This country's about democracy and freedom of speech," McGlowan said nonsensically. "Gordon Smith has every right to have his opinion but he has not said that we have lost."

"Yes, he did," Colmes rightly told her. "He said we failed."

"Harry Reid (is) the Senate majority leader," the hapless McGlowan responded. "We failed? Does that say we've lost?" Obviously, McGlowan is not the sharpest tack in the FOX News toolbox.

“What does victory mean in Iraq?" Beckel asked.

Here was McGlowan’s "insight." Enunciating every word in a condescending way, she said, "What is victory to me? I'd rather have them fighting over there than fighting over here." Perhaps hoping to convince the audience that she had just said something intelligent, she raised her voice another annoying notch and gesticulated wildly. She sounded almost hysterical as she shouted, "Our boys and girls, our men and women, our military are fighting that war over there while your people (she pointed rudely at Beckel) are politicizing it and not coming up with any strategy."

"Get yourself a new line. That one went out in 2006," Beckel rightly told McGlowan.

"Excuse me, I don't do talking points, Honey!" McGlowan shouted, now confusing bitchiness with cleverness. She never came up with a further response.

That was another perfect opening for Beckel to put the harridan on the defensive about how the war is actually going and the fact that there were reports that same day of an increased risk of terror attacks to Americans in Germany from an Islamic group fighting the US occupation in Iraq. So much for only fighting them in Iraq, huh, Angela?

Unfortunately, Beckel seemed cowed by McGlowan's fierce shallowness.

Crossing her arms like a child having a temper tantrum, McGlowan hollered, "Have we had a terrorist attack on our homeland since 9/11?"

Colmes stepped in. "Is that because we're fighting in Iraq, Angela?" he asked. "Is that the reason why? Because we're fighting in a country that was never a threat to the United States?"

McGlowan didn't have an answer to that, it seemed. Instead, she changed the subject. "Have the liberals come up with a strategy, Alan?" Her arms were still crossed like a spoiled child.

"Yes, we have!" he shouted. Unfortunately, he never demanded that she answer his previous question.

She continued with another trite soundbite. "Cut and run, retreat and defeat!"

That would have been the perfect moment for Colmes to bring up a FOX News poll showing that Americans want the troops home and don’t consider withdrawal surrender. But he didn’t. Instead, he acceded to her childish pique.

"If you'll be quiet for a moment, I'll answer your question," Colmes told her. He went on to explain that the strategy (the one in the current funding bill) is to "follow the benchmarks the president, himself, has come up with and have actual benchmarks that show that we are making progress in Iraq."

McGlowan said nothing.

Ooh, I hope they bring her back often.