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Another Week Of Unbalanced Debate Topics On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - April 21, 2007 -

Last week, (4/16-4/20/07), the coverage was almost wall to wall Virginia Tech on Hannity & Colmes. The show nevertheless dedicated almost all of the first half of Friday night's show (4/20/07) to Alec Baldwin's voice mail to his daughter and then followed that with a debate about Harry Reid's comments that we've lost the war in Iraq. Yet they never found time to discuss any of the more significant bad news with respect to Republicans Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and Rep. John Doolittle, to name just a few.

After a brief rundown at the beginning of last night's show to cover the shooting at NASA in Houston, it soon got to what the producers obviously considered the most important news - Baldwin's voice mail. I wonder how many people other than Sean Hannity are really THAT interested in anything Baldwin says whether on the phone or in person. But there were at least three discussions about him plus one odd "mystery" phone call that Alan Colmes received either from Baldwin or a Baldwin sound-alike during which a video camera just happened to be at the ready in order to record and replay it for the viewers.

After that, the show found time to squeeze in a debate about Senator Reid. The chyron during a promo at the end of the last Baldwin segment read, "Waving the White Flag?" Predictably, the debate centered more on Reid's comments than on the war, itself.

Meanwhile, there has been no debate, no discussion, not even a blip during the brief newsbreak at the half hour regarding Alberto Gonzales' testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday nor the Republican calls for him to step down.

There are plenty of other Republicans in serious trouble this week and none of that was discussed either:

Paul Wolfowitz, architect of the Iraq war (the one Sean Hannity thinks is so great but never wants to talk about) and now president of the World Bank, is under fire for having arranged excessive pay for his girlfriend and Bank employee at a time when he was spearheading an anti-corruption campaign at the Bank and its projects. As Think Progress reported, there is an open rebellion at the World Bank as more than 100 staff members at all levels have called for Wolfowitz to resign. Wolfowitz' own deputy has also called for his resignation. I highly recommend Robert Scheer's article at Truthdig, called Heck of a Job, Wolfie.

As the LA Times reports, "In another sign of Republican unease with the president's Iraq policies, a third GOP senator expressed support Thursday for pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq under certain conditions. Sen. Olympia J. Snowe announced she would sponsor a bill to require American commanders to plan a withdrawal within 120 days of the bill's enactment, unless the Iraqi government meets a series of benchmarks."

The criticism of John McCain's "joke" song "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" is probably comparable to that of Reid. But there has been no discussion about it on the "fair and balanced" network's prime time debate show.

Republican Congressman John Doolittle gave up his seat on the House Appropriations Committee after FBI agents searched his house as part of a congressional influence-peddling investigation. This news was briefly covered during the half-hour newsbreak, albeit with the chyron "Standing Tall" as Patti Ann Brown reported that Doolittle had no intention of resigning from Congress.

Republican presidential candidate Tommy Thompson probably blew his chances this week with his offensive comments about Jews. But you'd never know that from watching Hannity & Colmes.

But wait, there's more. "In a second blow to House Republicans this week, the FBI raided a business tied to the family of Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ) Thursday afternoon as part of an ongoing, two-pronged investigation into Renzi.

Last, but definitely not least, is the ongoing tragedy of the war in Iraq. As Hannity & Colmes spent night after night, segment after segment lamenting the terrible events at Virginia Tech, it turned its back on the even more horrific events that occur in Iraq on a daily basis. This week has been especially deadly. As The Daily Telegraph, a sister company to FOX News, reported on April 19,

"The street was transformed into a swimming pool of blood," said Ahmed Hameed, a shopkeeper in Sadriya. The bombing was the worst insurgent attack in Baghdad since US forces swept into the city and toppled Saddam Hussein four years ago.

... "Some people were burned alive inside mini-buses," said one witness, who declined to be named. "Women were screaming and shouting for their loved ones who died."

...Mr Maliki is under pressure to say when foreign forces will leave Iraq, but the attacks in mainly Shi'ite areas of Baghdad underscored the challenges for Iraqi forces in taking charge of overall security from more than 150,000 US and British troops.

Funny how FOX News is so quick to attack those who criticize the war but so loathe to discuss the war, itself.