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FOX News Theorizes The Devil Was Behind Virginia Tech Murders - Seriously!

Reported by Ellen - April 20, 2007 -

There's an article on FOXNews.com which seriously contemplates whether the Virginia Tech shootings may have been the work of the devil.

The article, by FOX News religion correspondent Lauren Green begins,

When unexplained violence takes center stage, we tend to turn to modern psychology to explain it. But there is an alternative explanation, one that has been played out in film, stage and writings since the beginning of history. Was Cho Seung-Hui schizophrenic … psychotic … manic-depressive? Or were the shooting deaths of 32 people, including Cho himself, at Virginia Tech University part of the ongoing struggle between God and Satan … good against evil … lightness and darkness?

The article ends,

But the scenario of demonic possession fits neatly in the Christian paradigm. It says the whole of human existence is predicated on the narrative of man’s fall from Grace in the Garden of Eden, after Satan’s temptation of Adam and Eve, and that wherever there is good, there is Satan trying to destroy it. The battle of good vs. evil in all of us is not a simple choice between two forks in a road, but a cosmic war being waged over our souls.

Can a debate about whether psychology is biased against Christianity be far off?

Thanks go to The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker for the tip.