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New Fox News Poll Says Gonzales Should Resign, Congress Should Set a Timetable & Withdrawal is Not Surrender

Reported by Melanie - April 19, 2007 -

Today (April 19, 2007) during Fox News Live w/Jane Skinner, Skinner showed the results of three questions asked in a new, Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll (PDF) released today and taken between April 17 and 18.

The first question Skinner showed (Questions #24 in the poll, linked to above) was this:

Should Alberto Gonzales resign?

Yes 36%
No 32%
Don't Know 32%

Skinner commented that it, "Looks like mixed feelings."

The next question (Question #30 in the poll) Skinner showed was this:

Can Tougher Gun Laws Help Stop Attacks like Shootings at Virginia Tech?

Yes, tougher laws can help stop - 19%
No, people will always find guns - 71%

And then this (Question #31 in the poll):

Situation in Iraq: Who Should Decide When US Troops Should Leave Iraq:

Members of Congress 33%
The President 29%
Both 25%

Skinner didn't want Fox's audience to know apparently didn't have time to show some of the other results, such as:

#28. Do you think Democrats in Congress will make the nation's economy better or worse?

Get Better 45%
Get Worse 30%

The last time this question was asked, in September of '06, the results were:

Get Better 39%
Get Worse 29%

#34. Do you approve or disapprove of Congress setting a deadline for withdrawing US troops from Iraq?

Approve 54%
Disapprove 42%
Don't Know 3%

#34. Is it accurate to compare withdrawal from Iraq to surrender?

Yes 33%
No 61%
Don't know 6%

#35 and #36. Are most Democrats and Republicans in Congress sticking with their principles or playing politics with the war in Iraq?

Most Democrats playing politics: 70%
Most Republicans playing politics: 74%

Comment: The questions about Gonzales and withdrawing troops from Iraq are both roughly within the margin of error (+/-3%) so they can easily be dismissed by Fox's audience. Some of the other questions (above, for example) showed far clearer and stronger opinions; results that don't bode well for Fox's parent company -- the GOP -- so you can be pretty darn sure you won't see those up on Fox's screen any time soon.