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Bill O'Reilly's Nightmare: " Far Left Smear Sites" Follow Him To Ireland

Reported by Deborah - April 19, 2007 -

In Bill O'Reilly's weekly column posted today ,4/19/07, he complained that the Irish Press is anti-American. He also had this to say about our friends at Media Matters.

"Last Friday, I appeared on Ireland's version of "The Tonight Show" and the host had scores of cue cards from "Media Matters," the far-left internet smear-factory. When I asked the man why he was quoting from an obviously biased source, he blinked nervously and put down the cards."

O'Reilly also lamented the lack of honesty in the Irish Press because the Irish Independent wrote that Roger Ailes had callously compared Barack Obama to Osama Bin Laden. BOR thought this was terrible since Ailes had actually attributed the slur to President Bush and was joking so it's perfectly fine. The classic line in the column is a super spin of FOX's treatment of Senator Barack Obama.

"If you read the article, you'd think the company I work for assassinated Senator Obama's character."

As a matter of fact, that's exactly what we think and it has been documented in video at FoxAttacks

Huffington Post and Daily Kos also got some blame for ruining America's reputation abroad. However, Robert Greenwald and News Hounds retained unmentionable status.

Here's the complete article.