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Gun Store Owner - If Someone Else Had A Gun Tragedy Might Have Been Averted

Reported by Donna - April 18, 2007 -

Today on Fox & Friends Caroline Shively reported on the gun store where the 9 mm gun had been purchased. She said the glock was bought in a gun store about 40 miles from the school in Roanoke, Virginia. Shively said the gun store owner said it wasn't the problem of Cho buying the gun, that was legal, the problem was that no one on campus was allowed to have a gun.

Shively reported that the gun store owner said his clerk said that Cho seemed like a nice college kid who provided a drivers license, checkbook with his address on it and his INS card since he i\wasn't a citizen. He said he could legally buy the gun, his record was clean.

John Markell (sp) the store owner said, "I shoot with some of the Deans and Professors and even some of the grad students. They have a significant amount of training. If just on e person had had a gun this tragedy might have been averted."

Comment: So there you have it, the tragedy might have been averted if one of the Deans, Professors or grad students had had a gun on them. We report, you decide.

As an observation, during Fox & Friends today the cable company went to a local commercial in Florida and advertised for a Gun Show this weekend. I don't know who's responsible for running the commercials, but the timing was in extremely bad taste.