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Fox News Removes The Chyron and the Crawl for Big Boobs, Why Not for the Virginia Tech Convocation?

Reported by Melanie - April 17, 2007 -

Fox News covered the convocation at Virginia Tech today (April 16, 2007) as did MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, but Fox won the award for the tackiest coverage.

MSNBC and NBC's coverage were identical. The crawl was gone. The time and stock market boxes were gone. The chyron at the bottom of the screen read: "NBC News Special Report - Virginia Tech Convocation."

CBS likewise did away with everything but a chyron. It read: "CBS Special Report. Virginia Tech Convocation."

ABC did away with the extra stuff too. Its chyron read: "ABC News Special Report - Convocation for Virginia Tech Community."

Over at CNN, there was no crawl, no time, no stock market info. The busyness was gone. CNN's initials appeared in the lower left hand corner and the initials "VT" over a black ribbon appeared in the lower right hand corner. There was no chyron at all.

Then there was Fox News. Its chyron read: "Convocation Ceremony for VA Tech Shooting Victims." The time box was there, as were readings from the Dow, the S&P, and the "Nas." The Fox logo box remained where it always is, in the lower left hand corner, and underneath the chyron there was the crawl, the ever-present crawl. It told viewers about bomb scares and other recent incidents in Tennessee and Oklahoma. It told us that Romney, Giuliani, and Obama have canceled or rescheduled events. It said that the Pope is praying for the victims and that the terror threat level is still elevated.

Comment: Apparently the solemnity of this occasion didn't warrant Fox removing the crawl and all the other clutter from its screen, which says a lot about its priorities. Neil Cavuto doesn't hesitate to remove the crawl and the chyron when he has a guest with big boobs on. On those days, that screen is clear as a bell so viewers have an unobstructed, uncluttered view of the topic at hand.