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Bill O'Reilly and Tom DeLay Team Up Against Rosie O'Donnell

Reported by Deborah - April 16, 2007 -

O'Reilly renewed his attacks against Rosie O'Donnell tonight with the help of Tom DeLay for comments she made on The View today. O'Reilly called O'Donnell " the queen of mean" and "out of control" telling viewers in the tease that DeLay wanted her fired from ABC. He showed a clip of O'Donnell making the point that O'Reilly had called Mexicans " wetbacks" which she considered racist and another clip of her making a brief sarcastic remark about DeLay's ethical challenges. However, O'Reilly didn't reveal to viewers another part of Rosie's conversation today on The View that most likely was the cause of his fury tonight.

Today, Rosie O'Donnell and the other women on The View were talking about the Imus firing and the conversation was congenial, low key and totally civil. O'Donnell wondered why people like Bill O'Reilly who say negative things about others on their shows are not fired like Imus. Barbara Walters said that O'Reilly didn't make racist remarks and O'Donnell brought up the wetback comment.That was pretty much the extent of the " out of control" behavior that O'Reilly was referring to tonight.

In O'Reilly's tease of the Rosie segment he used the terms ' more madness', " wait till you hear this", "queen of mean" and "out of control officially". He claimed that the "far left" had conspired to get Imus fired suggesting that O'Donnell was part of this adding that ABC has a big problem. In fact, the conversation on The View was an even handed dialogue on the issue and continued with Bill Maher who was a guest today. O'Reilly didn't mention that fact either.

Tom DeLay talked about suffering through 11 years of these attacks from left wing groups and people like Rosie O'Donnell who " carpet bomb" people unfairly. He backtracked when BOR asked if he wanted her fired saying " after a warning, she should be fired."

O'Reilly said he wouldn't fire her suggesting they get a " truth police person" to counter her on the show. Then he added, " It looks like she hates her country. She hates you and I."

When O'Reilly accused the left of trying to kill commentary, DeLay said we need 'honest commentary" because the left is " never held accountable".O'Reilly rallied his troops with "People have to stand up and fight."

comment: I had the rare opportunity to watch The View today making O'Reilly's distortions about Rosie O'Donnell totally outrageous and unforgivable. There wasn't a moment of hate or anger expressed throughout the hour. O'Reilly's portrayl of O'Donnell is dishonest and disgraceful and his frequent comments that Barbara Walters can't control her were not evident at all. In fact, O'Donnell and Walters seemed completely at ease.

O'Reilly didn't want to show the clip of O'Donnell wondering why he hasn't been fired for his anger and negativity. Instead he chose to twist the issue and blame the far left for trying to kill commentary and free speech. He even announced that he and Hannity were going to expose the left's role in firing Don Imus. Oh boy!