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Bill Kristol Makes Outrageous Claims About the Imus Controversy in Front of Two Mute Fox News "Liberals"

Reported by Melanie - April 16, 2007 -

Fox News employee Bill Kristol, a founding member of the Project for a New American Century, and a founder, together with Fox's Rupert Murdoch, of the Weekly Standard magazine, which is owned by Fox's parent company News Corp., weighed in on the Don Imus controversy last night (April 15, 2007) on Fox News Sunday.

Kristol, wearing a big smile:

I think this has been such a spectacle of vulgarity and idiocy and pomposity and hypocrisy on all sides, that it's hard to believe anything good will really come out of it but it's been fun for conservatives to watch.

You know, basically it's just been an incredible spectacle of liberalism in America. Imus is basically a liberal. His favorite guests were certainly liberal media figures and one of the best things this weekend is to read the sort of thumb-sucking, self-referential pieces by Frank Rich and Sam Tanenhaus. The New York Times news [sic] Week in Review has three pieces on this this weekend which are not, of course, about anything serious, if there is anything serious in the controversy. They're all about these individuals.

[Kristol is still smiling.]

Frank Rich, speculating should he have been more offended in the past when he went on the show and Sam Tanenhaus, is he a hypocrite, is he complicit in this?

It's wonderful to have liberals agonizing about this kind of thing -- the cowardice of the corporate CEO's, of course, is wonderful; Sharpton and Jackson being legitimized as sort of moral arbiters for America.

It is, this has been a wonderful view into major parts of the liberal establishment, in my view.

Comment: Neither of the "liberal" members of the Fox News Sunday "Power Panel," Mara Liasson or Juan Williams (an African-American), both of NPR, challenged Kristol on any of this. How could they not?! I found Kristol's musing about whether or not there's "anything serious in the controversy" to be particularly outrageous but then again, Liasson and Williams' silence showed us why they're Fox's kind of "liberal" -- they're obedient and passive and they know their place.