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FOX News Attacks Pelosi Over Trip To Iran She Does Not Intend To Make

Reported by Ellen - April 13, 2007 -

Only on FOX News would a guy like Oliver North, convicted of deceiving Congress about illegal sales of arms to Iran with profits being channeled to the Nicaraguan Contras (his conviction was later overturned on a technicality), be presented as a credible critic of any unofficial contact Nancy Pelosi might make with Syria or Iran. Yet the “real journalism, fair and balanced” network allowed North to accuse Pelosi of consorting with Iran for supposedly considering a trip there - even though she had already said she does not intend to go. There was no mention of North’s questionable record on the subject of Iran or his conduct of non-authorized foreign policy nor was any balancing view of Pelosi provided to the audience. With video.

North appeared on last night's (4/12/07) Hannity & Colmes. Sean Hannity offered this teaser for the upcoming segment with North. “Nancy Pelosi’s making friends with America’s enemies, first Syria, now a possible visit to Iran. Why is the San Francisco liberal willing to compromise with radicals but, apparently, not with the president?”

North began his segment with Colmes who focused on events in Iraq, only. Colmes discussed the bomb at the Iraqi Parliament, inside the Green Zone, and questioned whether the surge is working. He did not discuss Pelosi.

North acknowledged the attacks in Iraq were very serious. “All looks like AQI to me,” he added, in an obvious attempt to sound like an insider.

Colmes continued, “Clearly things have not changed dramatically or substantially or, perhaps, at all (despite the surge).” This is the first time I think the surge strategy has been debated on “patriotic” FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes.

North insisted otherwise and dredged up the old talking point that the violence is the product of desperation on the part of the insurgents, i.e. proof that what we're doing is working. “The surge is not even halfway under way yet… It also shows that AQI is desperate to disable this democracy and prove that they can drive the US out.”

In fact, the ones who are really desperate are probably the Iraqi citizens, as a very upsetting report from the International Commitee of the Red Cross reveals. But, like most of the war in Iraq, it has not been discussed or debated on Hannity & Colmes - which has devoted at least seven segments to Don Imus.

Then North took a gratuitous swipe at John Kerry, as though implying the awful violence in Iraq that day was a Democrat’s fault. “Quite frankly, statements by John Kerry today – that if this is the progress we’ve been hearing about he doesn’t want to see it – is music to AQI ears.” North didn’t bother to tell the viewers how he knew that. Does he have sources within “AQI?” Has he been running some secret missions for the Bush administration?

Colmes responded that it’s ridiculous not to have debate in this country just because people who hate us might be listening and “might take it the wrong way.” He reiterated that “most of us have not seen the kind of progress in Iraq that we keep hearing the administration claiming is taking place.”

War hawk Hannity, on the other hand, was not interested in the day’s events in Iraq. Instead that “Great American” preferred to concentrate on bashing his fellow countrymen or, in this case, countrywoman. He either ignored or was completely ignorant of Pelosi’s spokesperson's statement that she does not intend to visit Iran, as was reported in the very un-liberal Washington Times among other places. “Let’s talk about Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria and sort of a veiled threat that now well, maybe I’ll create my own diplomatic effort in Iran,” Hannity said.

North predicted that if she went to Iran it would be a disaster (I guess only he and Ronald Reagan are allowed to circumvent official US foreign policy). Then he delved into full-out Pelosi bashing. “It’s kind of like the terrible regimes’ victory tour or something like this. I mean, what this woman is doing is playing with American diplomacy and convincing our adversaries – and they’re very serious adversaries – that we really don’t have a foreign policy in this country. And I find that to be very alarming. When she says things like she said in Syria… and she’s now willing to at least consider going to Iran which just threatened the world by announcing that they’ve brought on an array of centrifuges, 3000 of them, about a hundred times more than anybody thought they had – that’s very serious.”

Despite his aversion to discussing the Iraq war, Hannity has been clamoring for war with Iran (though he hasn't uttered a peep about enlisting). So he never asked and North didn’t tell about this piece of news which AP reported that day:

“The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Thursday Iran is operating only several hundred centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, despite its claims to have activated 3,000. Mohamed ElBaradei said Iran's nuclear program was a concern, but he discounted Tehran's claims of a major advance in uranium enrichment.”

Hannity and North are always saying that Iran can’t be trusted. Yet suddenly the two of them were willing to take the country at its word.

It wasn’t until Colmes broke in to end the discussion that the viewers were told Pelosi has said she had no plans to go to Iran.

The video begins with Hannity’s teaser for the discussion and, unfortunately, contains a slight mistake at the end in which a small part of the conversation gets repeated due to my faulty capturing process.