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Elizabeth Hasselbeck Replacing Gretchen Carlson - for Two Days

Reported by Marie Therese - April 13, 2007 -

On April 4th TV Newser published a story claiming that there were plans afoot to ax current FOX & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson. FOX News issued an immediate denial. However, for the past few weeks Sean Hannity has been saying awfully nice things about The View's lone conservative, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, bemoaning the fact that she has to work with liberals like Joy Behar and Rosie O'Donnell. Lo and behold, this morning the F&F trio announced that Hasselbeck will be replacing Carlson on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Could it be that TV Newser had it right in the first place? Is it possible that Hannity's flattering comments about Hasselbeck carried enough weight to induce her to consider leaving The View? Or is this simply what it's being billed as - a short-term gig subbing for vacationing Gretchen Carlson?