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What's With Having a News Break in the Middle of a News Show?

Reported by Melanie - April 12, 2007 -

So, I watched Fox News Live w/Jane Skinner this afternoon (April 12, 2007). Skinner opened with, "We start this hour with nothing but news." I said, okay, I'm ready.

Skinner launch off with nine minutes on a horse stuck in the mud in Texas; she talked about "breaking weather news" in Florida; she went to Jennifer Griffin for a report on the bombing inside the Green Zone in Baghdad; she hosted a report about a beaten bartender who was offered a bribe for his silence; she went back to the horse-in-mud story; she told us about four Florida students who were "busted in a violent crime wave;" she repeated the news about bad weather in Miami; we watched Janice Dean tell us about weather across the country, and then there was -- a news break.

A news break? I thought I was already watching the news. Then I thought, well, maybe this is the real news or the different news or the special news or something like that. Not exactly. Shepard Smith came on and told us about Turkey wanting to attack the Kurds in Iraq; he said India's Jet Airways is buying Air Sahara for $340 million; he told us about the horse-in-mud again and then there was a little ditty about beer dispensing machines that can read your I.D.

After the "news break," Skinner told us about a school district in Kentucky that is eliminating "C" from it's grading system; Mike Gallagher and Eleanor Clift debated Don Imus; there was a little blurb about a funeral being held for an FBI agent who was killed by friendly fire; there was something about Nestle buying Gerber; there was a segment about corporations marketing to teens; we heard an update on American Idol and then, last but not least, Skinner told us about a paralyzed pooch who can walk again.

Fox is tripping all over itself with news this and news that and nothing-but-news and news breaks and breaking news but, as you can tell, after all that "news," in the end, there isn't much there there.