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Voter Fraud Suspect, Likely Substance Abuser And Hate Monger Ann Coulter Presented As Moral Authority Re Imus On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes all but locked out the black perspective on the Imus scandal last night (4/11/07). Then, to add insult to injury, the show called on Ann Coulter to weigh in on whether or not Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have the “moral authority” to criticize Imus. Coulter’s own questionable morals – the voter fraud investigation against her, her likely substance abuse, accusations of plagiarism, and her record of prevarication, were conveniently overlooked. With video.

All week, Hannity & Colmes has stacked their panels in favor of Imus and against those African Americans who feel he should be fired. Last night, there were no black guests at all to discuss the “breaking news” – MSNBC’s cancellation of Imus’ simulcast. Instead, the guests were Ann Coulter and “Democrat” Pat Caddell. As Media Matters has noted, Caddell is frequently booked as a counterpart to Republican or conservative guests but his comments are nearly always critical of Democrats and liberals. As for Coulter, she repeated several times during the three segments devoted to Imus that she never listens to him. “I don’t get up early enough,” party animal Coulter said, adding that she doesn’t know about any program that starts before noon.

Coulter repeated the same questionable assertions she made on Your World that she doesn’t go after private people.

Alan Colmes offered what can only be described as a half-hearted attempt to counter voting fraud suspect Coulter. He brought up her expression of remorse that Timothy McVeigh had not bombed the New York Times building, her attacks on the Jersey girls and her “joke” about poisoning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. However Colmes omitted her most recent attack against private people, her revolting comments that the genocide in Darfur has not been speedy enough.

After Coulter joked that Colmes had run through her “greatest hits” (and Hannity interrupted to say the same thing), Coulter told Colmes, “Let’s get back to Imus,” and he acquiesced, even though she soon veered off to compare herself favorably to those who attacked Paula Jones.

True to form, Caddell wasted little time bashing Democrats. Apropos of nothing in the discussion, he threw in a gratuitous attack against Democrats for forgoing a debate hosted by FOX News. "I'll tell you what I find amusing is…. Watching all the politicians run away from (Imus) the way they all ran away from FOX News about the debate.”

When it was Hannity’s turn, he quickly anointed Coulter as the arbiter of moral authority in the Imus matter. “Ann Coulter, when did Al Sharpton, when did the Rev. Jesse Jackson become, you know, the high moral authorities on issues of race, considering all the outrageous things that both of them have said over the years?"

In her New England snob accent (at least her words weren't slurred), Coulter said superciliously, "I don't know. I don't know."

In the next part, Hannity became even more Hanctimonious. He declared grandiloquently, “Have we gotten to the point that nobody can revise and extend their remarks, nobody can apologize anymore and it's going to be accepted that the ultimate goal of people that don't like you for whatever reason is to absolutely eliminate you from public discourse?”

He tapped his chest as he spoke which, as one of our readers once pointed out, is a tell. Surely Hannity knew that he’s prime offender number one of not accepting apologies and trying to eliminate people from public discourse. Take, for example, his repeated attacks on Senator Robert Byrd who renounced his membership and apologized decades ago for having belonged to the KKK, his “jokes” (on his radio show) about “Ted hiccup Kennedy” and his endless distortions of Dick Durbin's comments about Guantanamo (for which he also apologized). He also named actor Sean Penn an “enemy of the state” for having made comments Hannity disagreed with.

Coulter repeated her assertion that Imus should not have insulted private individuals. Then, the moral authority arbiter decreed, "That's why I'm insisting on a rule book."

Caddell was as jittery as a schoolboy who needs to go to the bathroom during the interviews. He was literally jiggling in his seat. Naturally, he agreed with Coulter. Then, again out of left field, he took another gratuitous swipe at Democrats. "This driving people out when you disagree over one thing… But you know, these crusades are unbelievable in the public discourse and I want to go back to something I said, ‘cause I'm a liberal Democrat and I want to say something about what happened with Fox in the debate. Roger Ailes made a joke at George Bush's expense but you had candidates like John Edwards – very disappointing - racing over to embrace the nuts in our party… on the idea that FOX News wasn't allowed to be on TV.”

Comment: For those who don’t know, Caddell was talking about MoveOn.org’s successful campaign to have the Nevada Democratic Party cancel its presidential debate to be hosted by FOX News. News Hounds were proud to have partnered with MoveOn, Outfoxed producer Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films to play a part in that effort. However, Caddell misrepresented us “nuts.” To date, nobody involved in that effort that I’m aware of has called for FOX News to be taken off the air.

“Liberal Democrat” Caddell took another swipe at Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, saying that they should go down to Duke University apologizing for having advocated on behalf of the Duke rape accuser.

Disappointingly, Colmes never confronted Coulter on the ludicrous notion that she should be setting standards for moral authority and polite discourse. Instead, he wondered whether it wasn't unfair for her newspaper columns to have been dropped. "You lost about six to eight newspapers (actually, it was nine) during that last flap with John Edwards. Do those papers have a right to do what they did because they were about to lose advertisers?"

Coulter claimed not to care, that she doesn’t read those papers, that they pay her only "about 25 cents a month" but that she picked up "a lot of speeches." (For now, maybe.) She made the questionable assertion that the "attempts to censor me… ended up netting me a LOT more money."

Methinks Caddell must be trying to up the number of his appearances on FOX News. Because out of nowhere and again, apropos of nothing, he started defending Bill O’Reilly for his sickening exploitation of a drunk driving tragedy for his own political ends. “This idea of clearing the public square of anybody we don't like what they say and this PC stuff is ridiculous. Just today, Bill O'Reilly was under attack because he talked about this thing in Virginia Beach. This guy was an illegal alien… and (O'Reilly's) being accused of being a racist. Amazing!”

Once again, Colmes’ efforts to refute the right-wing spin were half-hearted. He asked Caddell if he was really a liberal Democrat. When Caddell insisted (against all evidence) that he is, Colmes said, "I haven't heard you say anything nice about the Democratic Party for a long time." That’s an awfully mild way of putting it.

Colmes quickly dropped the issue with Caddell and went back to Imus. As I have noted in previous posts, Colmes is a consistent Imus supporter. He’s entitled to his opinion, of course, but with many in the black community outraged at Imus, it’s insensitive (to say the least) for FOX News not to have included that perspective in this discussion. The only African American voice came via a written quote from Snoop Dogg that Hannity laughingly read at the end.

Colmes continued, “My concern here about the Imus thing – and I think Ann and I might actually agree here, it scares me – I wonder who the next target is. You know, they've gone after (Coulter), (of) course with good reason, they're going after Imus…. Does Sean Hannity become the next target, do I become the next target? Are they gonna gun for somebody else because they were successful getting rid of one person they didn't like?"

How about FOX News gunning for Rosie O’Donnell? I believe it was just one day earlier that I saw a promo for O’Reilly in which the announcer posited the idea that maybe Rosie should be next. There are two transcripts on FOXNews.com in which O’Reilly is clearly trying to have her removed. And, as ChrisH posted, John Gibson flat out called for her removal.

Nevertheless, Hannity continued with his phony-baloney Hanctimony over the left “wanting to shut down people they don’t like.”

Moral authority Coulter said, “I think the left is cracking up because they no longer have total hegemonic control of the mainstream media.”

The video begins with Hannity consulting with Coulter about moral authority and continues with excerpts from the three segments. Unfortunately, I missed Colmes' portion of Part 1.