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O'Reilly misspeaks all the way from Ireland

Reported by Chrish - April 12, 2007 -

Keeping the tone right-wing while he's in Ireland for a "big award" from Trinity College, Bill O'Reilly had Michelle Malkin stand in for him on the Factor tonight 4/12/07. She did not disappoint in that regard, but O'Reilly called in from Ireland to make sure viewers don't forget him, even for a day. Someone's insecurity is showing.

Malkin said our "humble correspondent" was on the phone, and asked him what he was doing over there? (How cute, how scripted.) Replied the fabulous fibber:

"Michelle, I got a big award from Trinity College here in Dublin, the Philosophical Society, that was started in 1675, honored me tonight, and it was just great to get it."

By all other accounts (though his viewers will never know this) O'Reilly is speaking, not receiving an award, and questions for the bloviator had to be emailed in advance.

One attendee wrote:

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:16 pm
LegalismRules wrote:
I'm almost certain you have to be a member of the University Philosophical Society to attend.

Not at all, anyone can attend - just walk in.

I was there tonight. I was astonished at the free ride O'Reilly got - people weren't allowed to ask him questions directly, you had to put your question down on paper at the beginning of proceedings and it was asked by the chair at the end after O'Reilly had given his second-rate speech. He warmed up a bit though and became quite the crowd pleaser with some witty one-liners. About two thirds of the crowd were happy to cheer him and give him a standing ovation, one third booed at the beginning but were largely silent throughout. The guy beside me kept clapping and laughing at most things O'Reilly had to say and after one witticism he exclaimed "Legend!"

I was too tired to take the b*stard on, which I now regret. The platform of Trinity College and The Phil were given to this guy to expound his appalling bigotry and kindergarten politics without any significant challenge or counterweight. If we were dealing with a mere entertainment personality this would be neither here nor there. But we're not; we're dealing with someone whose influence on american public opinion in the lead up to the war in Iraq was very considerable and who helped turn the American public toward supporting that war. The consequences have been genocidal and continue to be genocidal. That this c*nt was allowed such a prestigious platform from which to spread his bile by a supine besuited leadership in the Phil with no questioning from the floor and a fawning treatment all round was a disgrace. If this is what students are like today - too worried about their debts and their prospective job prospects - then they are clearly almost totally devoid of a backbone.

At least I managed to shout 'bollox' at the top of my voice after one of his politics-for-simpletons rants, which got a decent reaction from the crowd. We do what we can.

I am resolved after this experience to do much better.

Knowing O'Reilly's track record of self-aggrandization, narcissism, and outright lying, I'm inclined to believe the rest of the folks.