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Malik Shabazz Calls Michelle Malkin " Political Prostitute"

Reported by Deborah - April 12, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin, in for O'Reilly tonight, got an unsuspected response from Malik Shabazz, New Black Panthers, who came on to discuss the recent developments in the Duke case. Malkin was already charge up about racial issues by the time Shabazz appeared and called her a "political prostitute". with video

The Factor started with a call from O'Reilly now in Ireland He informed Malkin that after the Imus situation he would be " shining a light' on the haters. He wasn't referring to Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage, or himself. No, it was the rappers who recieved the BOR kiss of death. Then Malkin did a racially charged TPM and used the term " blame whitey" in the follow up segment.

After Malkin accused Shabazz of demagoguery and asked him to aplogize to the Duke lacrosse players, the fireworks began and Malkin threw it right back at Shabazz.