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Dick Morris wants Bo Dietl's mic cut on Big Story

Reported by Chrish - April 12, 2007 -

Another day of kabuki theater on FOX News as Bo Deitl and Dick Morris mix it up on The Big Story 4/12/07. Deitl had the floor, solo, for about ten minutes and gave a passionat defense of Don Imus, who was fired today by CBS. Deitl thinks the two-week suspension should have been observed and then Imus monitored after that, giving him a chance to rehabilitate himself.

Deitl was a frequent guest of Imus' and is a strong supporter, both in and out of the studio. Now with Imus gone, he claims he doesn't have a venue except for FOX News - he insinuated that CNN and Larry King wouldn't let him air his opinion but from what he said it just seems King disagreed with him. He made a ridiculous issue of Barack Obama's middle name which just amused Gibson, but Morris called him out on it later.

After he held forth (in the studio with Gibson and business-type Rebecca Gomez) for 9-10 minutes Dick Morris was brought on via satellite to give his opinion. Well, after he shamelessly plugged his website and its new features. Deitl interrupted, Morris erupted, yelling ensued, and Morris asked that Deitl's mic be cut. It wasn't and he quieted down for a minute for Morris to speak.

Morris said he thinks that Barack Obama's statements that Imus should be fired were the deciding factor for CBS, and he praised him (!) for taking a courageous stand....which of course gives him the opportunity to bash Hillary Clinton a bit, something he never passes up. McCain was singled out too. When the connection was lost and Morris was silenced, Deitl was pleased and got the last words.
Video coming.

Here is the entire segment including Deitl's defense of Imus, his invoking of "Hussein" and Gomez's take on things: