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Commercial Calls Nancy Pelosi ' Dangerous & Very Wrong'

Reported by Donna - April 12, 2007 -

Today on Fox & Friends they had the usual back and forth about the Duke rape investigation and the Don Imus story. What was startling was a commercial that ran twice on the show today.

The commercial said, 'They promised tough foreign policy (It read Democrats tough foreign policy)' and 'instead Nancy Pelosi met with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad' (A picture of the two of them sitting side by side with his name flashed across the screen).

It then said 'Sponsor of Terrorist Organizations responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent victims' (The screen read Sponsor of Terrorists). Then it said, 'Pelosi says the road to peace leads through Damascus'.

It went on to say 'The Washington Post calls her statement "ludicrous" and adds 'Mr. Assad is a corrupt thug and Pelosi's meeting was counter productive and foolish.' Then there's a picture of Nancy Pelosi in the head scarf. The announcers voice then says, 'Tough? No, dangerous and very wrong' with a side by side picture of Pelosi in the head scarf and a picture of Assad.

This commercial was paid for the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Comment: Usually networks will stay away from attack ads such as this against our elected officials unless it's during an election. The Republican Jewish Coalition put the commercial on Fox and I'll be looking out for it on other venues. This was a very damning indictment of Nancy Pelosi.