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Doocy Helps Out Republican Guest On Segment About Democrats First 100 Days

Reported by Donna - April 11, 2007 -

Steve Doocy brought forth a segment on Fox & Friends this morning that talked about the first 100 days of the Democrats being in power in the House and Senate. Of course his questions were on point to go against the Democrats and to assist the Republican strategist.

The former Communications Director for Bush/Cheney 04 was Jennifer Millerwise Dyck, the Democratic strategist was Kelly Bingel. Doocy asked them what grade they would give the Democrats after 100 days in power. Bingel said she would give them an 'A+', that they had done an excellent job at oversight and accountability. Dyck said that in that case she would give them an 'E' because they had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside lawyers and she didn't think this is what the American people wanted when they asked for oversight.

Doocy asked about ethics and Dyck added that she didn't see much on ethics and used the same example as she previously used about the Democrats spending thousands of dollars on investigations. Doocy added that he thought the Democrats had said they weren't going to have a bunch of investigations. (Of course, playing right into the Republican guests comments) Dyck added that that's all we'd been seeing.

Bingel said they promised and delivered in the first 100 hours an increase in the minimum wage because they had promised to fight for working families.

Doocy again cut in and ask Kelly how many of the bills were on the president's desk? (You notice he has no questions like this for the Republican guest) The Republican guest, Dyck jumped in and said, "None."

Bingel said that it was a long road down Pennsylvania Avenue and there were still some negotiations going on but that they were out of the House of Representatives and that's what they promised.

Doocy then asked about how they were doing on Iraq. Bingel said that the Democrats were fighting to take us in a new direction in Iraq. She said they were trying to change the mission to one of counter terrorism. She added that they were helping our vets get proper care by exposing problems at Walter Reed Hospital.

Dyck had a answer ready to go. She said there were two things about Iraq that people would remember about the Democrats first 100 days and that was their failure to play the role of Commanding General and their failure to play the role of Secretary of State.

With that Doocy ended the segment.

Comments: The interview seemed scripted by Doocy, like it was set up for him to ask the 'gotcha' questions of the Democratic guest. In that, he was successful.