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John Gibson Attacks MSNBC and Takes Credit For Exposing Imus Comment

Reported by Deborah - April 10, 2007 -

John Gibson went after Dan Abrams, MSNBC, for his statement about FNC during Scarborough last night. It's not surprising that Gibson twisted Abrams' comments claiming he "blamed FOX for his Imus problem" and he then suggested that Dan Abrams learned about the Imus comment from his radio show. 4/10/07

Gibson started his My Word with this statement:

"Last night on MSNBC the general manager of that operation, Dan Abrams, was guest hosting one of their shows and was dealing with the Imus dustup. Amazingly, Abrams blamed FOX for his Imus problem."

This is what Dan Abrams said while guest hosting last night for Scarborough. There is nothing in his comment blaming FOX News for the reaction to the Imus comment.

"People have every right to be angry, insulted and hurt by Imus's comments. And Imus himself has said they have every right to call for his resignation. Those opinions are heartfelt, and I can tell you they have been heard loud and clear by MSNBC and NBC News. The one set of instigators who should be ignored are our friends over at Fox News, who have made this part of an ongoing political campaign against MSNBC over everything and anything they can find. Now, I understand why they're doing it. It's a good strategy to attack a network that's suddenly offering up a challenge to them on a number of fronts. But one would hope another network would attack with clean hands. We all know that's not the case over at Fox, not even on this sort of issue."

Scarborough comes on right after O'Reilly who used Imus' racist and sexist comment to attack MSNBC saying to viewers, " MSNBC traffics in hate". It is probable that Abrams comments were directed Bill O'Reilly and others on FOX who have made this situation about MSNBC and not Don Imus.

Gibson went on to attack Abrams for poor management of MSNBC claiming he wasn't watching Imus closely enought and then suggested that his radio show picked up on the offensive comment before Abrams.

"A FOX radio program — mine — pointed out what the morning host said last Wednesday. Why did it take me to notice? Why didn't the person who is supposed to supervise that network notice what Imus has been saying and counsel him that these things are probably best left unsaid for somebody who is trying to raise himself from shock jock to powerful political commentator"

This makes one wonder who was watching the store at FNC when John Gibson made a hideously racist comments in his MY Word ,5/11/07, when he urged non- hispanic Americans to get busy making babies
There are more examples in our John Gibson archive to illustrate Dan Abram's point:

"But one would hope another network would attack with clean hands. We all know that's not the case over at Fox, not even on this sort of issue."

John Gibson should save his outrage over Abrams' statement and start focusing on all the reprehensible things he's said on Big Story in the past that might have gotten him in serious trouble if anyone had been paying attention.

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