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Fox & Friends Replaces Pelosi Story With Imus Story

Reported by Donna - April 10, 2007 -

This morning on Fox and Friends they finally moved away from the Nancy Pelosi story only to focus on another story. Or should I say, nonstory? This time they used the Imus story to diss Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

They showed a clip of Jesse Jackson from The Big Story who said that Imus had moved on from being a "shock jock" into a person who's guests now give him a political credibility. But while Jackson was speaking the picture switched to a giant picture of Don Imus and right next to him a giant blown up picture of Al Sharpton. What was the connection? None, though Fox appeared to be trying to send some kind of subliminal message.

Doocy moved onto some emails from viewers. He read one, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Don Imus' comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team were inappropriate and then some, however, having said that does his foot and mouth disease make it ok for perennial hypocrites Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to pontificate about this or anything else for that matter?"

Comments: Even when the story isn't about who they want it to be about, Fox manages to change it to be about someone else. Flashing that picture of Don Imus with Al Sharpton side by side was nothing but a message being sent to the Fox audience that these men were to be compared. The email made the message complete. This wasn't about Don Imus, it was about those other two who were just as bad, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the real focus of the segment.