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Far-right hate gets a pass at FOX

Reported by Chrish - April 10, 2007 -

I predicted last week that FOX News and Bill O'Reilly in particular would take one of two tacks relating to Ann Coulter's abominable comments about the genocide in Darfur, and her scathing remarks about Jews (during Passover, no less). I thought they would either chastise her while offering apologies and explanations, or (sarcastically) I said they would attack her just as they ravaged Rosie O'Donnell for daring to suggest the Bush administration might be less than honest, and individual research is recommended.

I forgot the most obvious course of action, though: ignore it. Completely. A search of the FOX News website (Ann Coulter Darfur) yields zero results.


O'Reilly failed to mention it either on his one hour TV show 4/9/07. Well, you might say, she wrote it on a different, unrelated website. But that set of facts wasn't enough for O'Reilly when he went after "far left" William Arkin, who wrote on a blog at WashingtonPost.com. But she didn't say the remarks on a FOX News program, so why would O'Reilly report on them? For the same reason he slimed Rosie O'Donnell all last week for remarks she made on ABC's The View.

From the January 30 letters segment:

"How can the spin be stopping on the O'Reilly Factor when all we hear about is the far-left? Why do we not hear about the far-right?"

O'Reilly replied

"Fair question, sir. Far right's been marginalized in this country. The establishment press ignores them and there are few elected officials who fit that profile. So there's not much going on in far-rightville. If there were, we would tell you about it."

As we saw the last week of March, Bill O'Reilly couldn't even bring himself to utter the words "radical right" together. Ann Coulter was the big vote getter in that week's poll and O'Reilly declared her "most conservative" (as real conservatives everywhere hold their noses).

Follow the link above back to read the hate-filled comments....we won't link them here. And apparently they're not to be mentioned at FOX too.