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Bill O'Reilly's Body Language More Aggressive Than Geraldo's

Reported by Deborah - April 10, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly definitely looked pleased when body language expert, Tanya Reiman, told him his body language was more aggressive than Geraldo's during their on air combat last Thursday. Tonight Bill had no qualms about playing the clip of himself exploding with ugly rage at Geraldo Rivera and in fact he looked rather proud of himself. Of course, Reiman got to analyze Don Imus and Rosey O' Donnell too. 4/10/07 with video

Tanya Reiman told BOR she expected him to leap over the table to Geraldo. She explained that his aggression was worse because he kept leaning over into Geraldo's space . She kept emphasizing his extreme anger mentioning the pen he grasped and " lashed" in Geraldo's direction. Reiman said that although Geraldo was very angry he stayed in his own space unlike O'Reilly.

Of course Bill had to remind all that his anger was about " two dead girls" while Geraldo was angry over a " principle" Then BOR proclaimed that he was controlling the anger- the anger wasn't controlling him. Reiman smiled but did not agree with him. Somehow, that didn't bother Bill because he felt like Reiman's analysis made him the winner of the fight.

Reiman got a shot at Imus apologizing sadly about his comments which she declared was sincere because he sighed and exposed his neck. Then, of course, Rosie was shown not mentioning O'Reilly today and Reiman found something to say about it.

Last night Geraldo made his make-up call to Bill on the show. It was the boys will be boys moment with them laughing it off and praising FOX for it's wonderful fair & balanced ambiance.
Geraldo crooned that something as wonderful as their ugly fight could never happen on MSNBC.
O'Reilly joked twice that Geraldo had fled to Puerto Rico to recuperate from the battle because he needed to feel like he was the winner and tonight Reiman gave him that.