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Fox & Friends Gears Up On Pelosi Story - All One Sided

Reported by Donna - April 9, 2007 -

Can't Fox and Friends get another story? Here we have a new week and Fox and Friends are still stuck on Nancy Pelosi's trip last week. The show led off with them saying that the GOP had had enough of Nancy Pelosi and were taking her to task.

Later on in the show they had Fox Political Analyst, Bil Sammon, on to talk about Nancy Pelosi. Sammon went on about liberal newspapers saying she had done wrong. He said by her doing this she had damaged the credibility of Democrats on National Security. Sammons also said that she caused problems for main street liberals.

He added that she was on the ropes for this botched trip to the middle east and was being told to cut her vacation short and do something on the funding for the war. He said that Democrats were having a hard time defending her. Doocy brought up the Logan Act and said this should have prevented her from going, but the Logan Act prevents private citizens from negotiating with another country and she was not negotiating. Sammens admitted that Pelosi had been briefed by the White House but the White House had asked her, "Please don't do this."

A little later in the show for a third time Nancy Pelosi's name was brought up again. Kilmeade said that Pelosi said that her trip to Syria helped the president. Kilmeade asked who else agreed with her and said he didn't see any hands or hear any voices. (Comment: Oh, he's so funny)

A fourth tijme she was brought up again in regards to a letter that the GOP had waiting for her upon her return. Camerota went to correspondant Kelly Wright, who said it was the first step to get Pelosi to call the session back early and get to work on the spending bill. Wright said the letter said that the bill had been pending since February of 2005 and that Pelosi's leadership team chose to leave town for two weeks "rather than completing this bill. As a result, our troops have been put at risk." The GOP letter also said, "Every day we don't fund our troops is a day their ability to fight this war is weakened."

In the second hour Kilmeade again mentioned Pelosi and how she was back from her controversial trip and would it backfire on her entire party?

Again in the second hour Doocy had a segment, this time (for the first time) with a Democratic Strategist, Laura Schwartz and Republican strategist, Amy Holmes. Doocy started the segment by asking if Nancy Pelosi would face consequences from her own party for her trip and the banner read 'Syria-ous Problem.'

Doocy said that this was a "crazy trip" for her to make and Schwartz said she didn't know what he was talking about and there were Republicans on the trip with her. She said Pelosi stayed on message and just carried the president's message like the Iran Study Group said to do.

Doocy said that liberal newspapers like the Washington Post and USA Today (?) said that it was an 'ill advised trip.' Holmes agreed with Doocy that Pelosi had botched the message. She said that this was possibly illegal under the Logan Act and Doocy said, "That's true."

Schwartz said the message was not botched, that Pelosi had said that Israel was willing to talk peace and they were. And she added that Pelosi said they would have to sever all ties with Hamas and extremist links. She added that Newt Gingrich when he was Speaker of the House went to the Middle East and lambasted Clinton policy. She said Gingrich had said the Middle East didn't have to deal with the Clinton Administration, it could deal directly with the Republican Congress. Of course this is where Doocy cut the conversation off.

For the third time in the second hour Camarota said that Nancy Pelosi took diplomacy into her own hands and the GOP sent a letter to her. She went again to Kelly Wright in Washington who said the letter came first to Fox News. He said the letter demands that she call back everyone to get back to work on the spending bill and said our troops were at risk. The letter went on to say, "Every day we don't fund our troops is a day their ability to fight this war is weakened."

Comments: It doesn't get more hypocritical or one sided than this. Opinion after opinion was given on the Republican side. Out of the 7 segments (or times mentioned) only one had a Democratic strategist, the others were with Republican strategists or contained snide remarks made by the Fox hosts. The letter, which somehow went first to Fox News, wrongly insinuated that there was no funding for the troops. The troops are still fully funded and will be for several weeks to come. The Democrats say that the troops are funded until July.

There was nothing fair and balanced going on here and it's funny, I didn't hear their phony claim of being fair and balanced anytime in the two hour period.