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Bill O'Reilly Claims " MSNBC Traffics In Hate"

Reported by Deborah - April 9, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly forgot all about Rosie O'Donnell tonight since he had Don Imus and MSNBC to offer for his daily dose of media outrage. Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers were on hand but Powers was the only one claiming Imus should be fired. O'Reilly went after MSNBC and Malkin went after all the the " elite" who frequent his show.

O'Reilly announced that NBC had suspended Imus for two weeks speculating that G.E. went to NBC to do something because they were out of control. He later claimed that Imus is consistent and is supposed to shock people.

Malkin wasn't impressed with the suspension saying it was " a cheap way to buy time" adding that " no conservative would get away with it."

Kirsten Powers was very clear that Imus should go since this wasn't his first offense. She claimed that she had read that Imus had hired his side kick to make " N word jokes"

O'Reilly said it's " a corporate story" and took his shot at MSNBC.

" Hate sells! Hate sells! MSNBC traffics in hate. Shock Jocks traffic in hate. Rappers sell hate. In the hate business."

comment: What does Bill O'Reilly sell? Some weeks back, Imus was mumbling into the mic around 5:30 AM complaining that " they" won't allow my friend Bill O'Reilly to come on the show. It wasn't clear if " they" were MSNBC or FOX News. Wonder if Bill wanted to sell some hate on MSNBC with his friend Imus?