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Fox News Blames High Gas Prices On -- One Guess -- The Dems!

Reported by Melanie - April 7, 2007 -

What with the '08 presidential election looming on the horizon, Fox has apparently decided that blaming everything on Bill Clinton isn't quite getting it anymore so it's moving on -- to blaming everything on -- you guessed it! -- "the Dems!" Today, "the Dems" took a hit for high gas prices.

This is how Brenda Buttner, Fox's "senior business correspondent," opened this morning's (April 7, 2007) "Bulls & Bears," one of the three "business news" shows that comprise Fox's Saturday morning "Cost of Freedom business block:"

The Cost of Freedom begins now! This is Bulls & Bears!

Remember the Dems' election promises to lower gas prices? Well, what happened? Since they've taken control of congress, nothing but more pain at the pump. Was all that just a line to get elected?

The introductory graphic and music played and Buttner continued:

Hi everyone, I'm Brenda Buttner. This is Bulls & Bears.

So, have you filled up your car lately? Then you're probably asking, what happened to the Dems' promise of lower gas prices.

Buttner introduced the cast and continued:

So, Democrats promising they'd ease the pain at the pump but the day they took control of congress the national average was $2.32 a gallon. Now, a gallon of unleaded will set you back $2.70. That's a 14% spike in three short months. Gary B., what happened?

And with that, "Gary B.," also known as Gary B. Smith, a "Fox News Contributor" and a managing member of the hedge fund, Exemplar Capital, responded with what emerged as the group's consensus: That Democrats, "...just can't control basic supply and demand" which is, "what's essentially driving gas prices." However, thanks to Butter, the bell had already been rung.

Comment: Late last summer, before the election, when gas prices reached an all-time high, Fox's line was that the problem was a simple matter of "supply and demand" and nobody could do anything about it. When people began screaming about the huge profits the gas companies were making, Fox defended them too, saying that even they had nothing to do with it. But, now, yes, as that election looms on the horizon, suddenly, according to "fair and balanced" Fox, someone can do something and alas, wouldn't you know it, that someone is, "the do nothing Dems!"