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"No Spin" defined

Reported by Chrish - April 6, 2007 -

On Wednesday 4/4/07 Bill O'Reilly showed a clip from an interview he did with Rosie O'Donnell in 2002, presumably to show us how reasonable she used to be before she lost her mind with hatred of Bush. Yesterday on The Factor, Thursday 4/5/07, Bill O'Reilly jumped the proverbial shark in an argument with Geraldo Rivera, proving that Rosie is not the one who's lost control. No sign of Bill-O today; a rerun from last Thursday was shown instead (one ripe with Rosie-bashing and pity ofr the hated Bush.)

In the 2002 interview, though, O'reilly explained why he calls his show "the no-spin" zone.

BOR: Now you've referred to me, your humble correspondent, as "the Spin Factor" on your show.

ROD: Yes. Isn't that, don't you have the no-spin zone? Isn't that your hook?

BOR (gesturing): Yes,but no-spin zone, the no-spin zone.

ROD (teasing): But surely you don't think there's no spin in your no-spin zone?

BOR: Do you think I spin?

ROD: Yeah, but I think everyone spins, or you would just be an empty, vacant shell reporting facts. I mean, you have your life that you bring with you to every moment...(unintelligible)

BOR: But I don't think sincere beliefs that I hold are spin.

ROD: Not spin?

BOR: That's not spin. (overtalking somewhat)

BOR: Spin is taking the truth...and twisting it around, that's spin. James Carville.

ROD: Well, I don't think you're deceitful...I just think you present your side...

If someone is speaking from their own perspective, bringing their deeply held beliefs into their interpretation, that's opinion. Opinions presented as facts are still opinions.

Why is James Carville's interpretation spin and O'Reilly's isn't? His saying so is just his spin on it. He can't open his mouth anymore without his agenda falling out.