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War on Rosie: John Gibson says ABC should take O'Donnell off the air

Reported by Chrish - April 5, 2007 -

So let me get this straight - it's OK for John Gibson to have a daily platform from which to spout his racist, xenophobic, anti-Democratic rants, but Rosie O'Donnell should be fired for suggesting that her viewers do some research and draw their own conclusions, rather than swallow the corporate and government reports whole. On today's 4/5/07 My Word segment he suggested just that.

He calls her "mouthy" and says she is "doing damage" with her "nonsensical garbage." Although she has said she does not know who is responsible for the felling of the towers, Gibon says "That is not true. She thinks she does know ." So there.

Here's Gibson's (and O'Reilly's, and the rest of the FOX's) real problem with O'Donnell's statements:

"The people who push the WTC line are The 9/11 Truth Movement people and their whole thrust is that the hijackers either didn't actually fly those planes into buildings, or if they did, they were set-up by big mysterious forces.

The 9/11 Truth people believe explosives brought down the Towers, not the planes and their tons of jet fuel. They also believe it was a missile attack on the Pentagon, not the crash of Flight 77. And they believe it was the U.S. government which perpetrated the attacks.

They believe it was George Bush and Dick Cheney who set up the attacks in order to have an excuse to rape and pillage the Middle East.

Rosie isn't saying that, but she is leading the audience to a place where they will discover these charges and if they believe like Rosie that there was something fishy in the way the buildings came down, they will believe it was Bush."

As we know, the first and foremost agenda item at FOX is to protect the Bush administration from scrutiny. Even their cursory expressions of dismay at the way the war in Iraq is being run, for example, do not lead their viewers to scrutinize the war itself or the circumstances leading to it; quite the contrary, we're told to forget about NO WMDs and look forward "now that we're there."

O'Donnell's popularity and platform and willingness to expose herself to the inevitable ridicule for questioning and entertaining all the alternative theories is a direct threat to the carefully crafted media image of fearless leader. She must be silenced and character assassins John Gibson and Bill O'Reilly are doing their damnedest to bring her down.

It is stunning that major TV "journalists" are spending multiple segments a day trying to get a talk show host fired for talking. Censorship is ugly stuff, but that's what they're endorsing in this war on Rosie.