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Fox & Friends Follows Through With Another Sexist Remark About Pelosi

Reported by Donna - April 5, 2007 -

All this week I've been covering Fox and Friends and they've been talking about Nancy Pelosi and her visit to Syria. She's been called several little cutsey names along the way. Today it was, "Little Miss San Francisco" by guest, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said it had been a horrible week for the west because of the confessions of the British Royal Marines and Pelosi's trip to Syria. He said that she had thoroughly botched the trip to Syria. He said that Iran had won and he was surprised that the Royal Marines had made confessions.

Doocy asked Peters what Pelosi had done wrong and Peters said that our foreign policy should speak with one voice and Pelosi is "fresh off the farm" when it comes to foreign policy. He says she doesn't know the Middle East and took the wrong message from Israel. She didn't confront them about Lebanon, she was a complete amateur. He said it was like a dermatologist deciding he's going to become a neurosurgeon.

Comments: Most of the coverage on Fox & Friends was concentrated on the return of the British Royal Marines, they went to Sky coverage for much of it, but they did manage to wrangle up one of their opinion givers who was more than happy to throw names at Pelosi during his segment. "Little Miss San Francisco" -- what respect they have for the most powerful women in our government today. I don't recall any powerful Republican politicians being subjected to such name calling, but I'll be on the lookout for it in the future.