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Pre-emptive doubt sown on HBO upcoming "Recount"

Reported by Chrish - April 4, 2007 -

An item in Special Report's "Grapevine" segment today 4/4/07 existed only to cast aspersions and doubts about the non-partisan accuracy of an upcoming HBO tele-movie, "Recount." The pre-emptive strike was hurled by Hume in a few short, effective sentences but as is his style he left out a tiddbit or two of exculpatory info.

Said Hume:

"HBO is promising a 'fair and balanced' treatment of the 2000 presidential election in its upcoming film called "Recount." But The Hill newspaper points out that almost everyone associated with the movie has been a Democratic Party supporter and financial contributor , from the president of HBO Films, to the executive producer, the director and the writer, who says he has done detailed research and conducted many interviews with those involved.

But one Republican operative who was in the middle of the recount says he knows of no Florida Republican who was interviewed by that writer."

How is it that one Republican who is unaware of the details warrants mention on a national news program for not knowing something?

Anyway, missing from Hume's doubt-sowing piece (based on an obviously bias-driven article) were some details:

Len Amato, the senior vice president of HBO Films who gave $2,000 to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in 2004, said he can understand the concerns, but noted that his company has a long track record of thoroughly researching its historical topics before filming them.

“Our main intention is getting the story right,” Amato said.

He said the political donations to Democrats will not affect the film, claiming HBO will “bend over backwards” to make the movie fair.

(Then Secretary-of-State Katherine) Harris was not interviewed because she was in the midst of a Senate campaign last year, Amato said, adding that several high-profile Republicans were interviewed for the film, including Ben Ginsberg and James Baker III.