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John Gibson's Comfy Red Bubble Threatened By Democratic Action

Reported by Deborah - April 4, 2007 -

John Gibson doesn't like the recent congressional memo suggestion to stop using the phrase Global War On Terror because he might be forced to step out of his comfort zone. He thinks Democrats should stay in the background and just keep things the way he likes them so any action taken by Nancy Pelosi sounds his alarm. Yesterday, he claimed Nancy Pelosi's message to Bush is,
"Mr. President there's a new congress in town so cool your jets" 4/3&4/07

Yesterday he suggested that Pelosi was up to no good in Syria and was planning to work against the administration during negotiations. Fortunately, Kirsten Powers set him straight

Gibson just loves tacky chyrons. My personal favorite was STUD MUFFIN under a shot of Danny Bonaduce a few months back. Yesterday, viewers got SYRIA ously NANCY under Pelosi's photo and a clip Of George Bush followed stating that Pelosi's trip is sending mixed messages.

Kirsten Powers drew attention to his thinly veiled accusations of treason reminding him that Pelosi was carrying out suggestions made by the Iraq Study Group which George Bush chose to ignore. She also informed him that Pelosi was following a negotiation plan pre-approved by the administration.

Today he was shaken by the idea that Democrats might want to change the misleading language of this war. He shortened Global War On Terrorism to GWOT which he repeated over and over with a nasal whine. He didn't care for the explanation given by Ike Skeleton.

"The Iraq War is separate and distinct from the war against terrorists, who have their genesis in Afghanistan and who attacked us on 9/11. Americans understand this."

Gibson wanted to believe that Democrats were up to no good so he had this take on the memo.

"What I understand is that Democrats are determined to try to make Iraq something quite apart from every other threat facing us. That is so they can blame terrorists for everything but Iraq and Republicans for Iraq. They want conservatives and Republicans to be buried in Iraq. It is against their interests to have things go well there and to eliminate Iraq as a source of terror."

Tonight he had another imaginary message from Nancy Pelosi.
"There's a new Congress in town, Mr. President, and GWOT is not spoken here."