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Fox Asks About Pelosi - Diplomatic or Idiotic?

Reported by Donna - April 4, 2007 -

'W Kicks Nancy's Assaud' was the headline of the NY Post that Steve Doocy read on the air to the overwhelming laughter of Judge Andrew Napolitano. Under the banner of Problems For Pelosi Doocy said that in the words of one she was over there "cavorting with the enemy." Though he didn't say who that one was. This was the overwhelming theme on Fox and Friends today.

Doocy repeated that Syria was a state sponsor of terror. Camarota asked if just anyone could go over and negotiate with Syria, just leapfrog the administration and what their policy is. She said she asked her good friend the judge, (Judge Andrew Napolitano was filling in for Kilmeade in the first hour of Fox and Friends).

The judge said that the president was the sole organ of foreign policy. He said she could go there as Nancy Pelosi citizen and member of the House of Representatives. If she attempts to speak for or alter American foreign policy? He said absolutely not. He added that the president was right, that it has been the goal of the world to isolate them because they are a state sponsor of terror so when she brings an entourage over there (and even if that party contains Republicans) she frustrates the presidents foreign policy.

Doocy went on about her touring and wearing her head scarf. He broke to video of Bush who said they were a state sponsor of terror and were expediting foreign fighters from Syria into Iraq.

Camerota said this was Nancy Pelosi's statement on this:

"As recommended by the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan delegation leed by Speaker Pelosi intends to discuss a wide range of security issues...affecting the United States and the Middle East with representatives of governments in the region, including Syria."

Camerota said there was a lot of difference between a fact finding mission or whether she was negotiating.

The Question of the Day was Pelosi's Syria Trip: Diplomatic or Idiotic?

Of course they had several callers call in later who all but one said she was idiotic. One of the men even said a sexist remark telling Pelosi to keep her little nose out of Syria. It was reminiscent of the man who called on Monday and said for the "little speaker" to stay home.

Someone asked the Judge if this was treason and he said, no, there wasn't any war going on. One caller even said that this was the best thing because it would save us another 4 years of the Democrats debauchery that is screwing this country up. I hated to tell him but they've only been in power around 3 months.

Later on in the second hour they had what they called a fair and balanced debate between Democratic strategist, Kirsten Powers and Republican strategist, Jim McLaughlin. Powers said that Pelosi was following the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, McLaughlin said she was undermining foreign policy. Kilmeade (who was there for the 2nd hour) said that she "had gone too far" but Powers said that Republicans had also made the trip. McLaughlin said Congress is supposed to support the troops and the president (what troops are in Syria?) and said that Pelosi was being used as a propoganda tool.

Comment: The overwhelming theme of the 6 - 8 a.m. part of the show was to paint Nancy Pelosi as an idiot who was defying the president to the detriment of the country, when all she was doing was following the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group in establishing some contact.