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Bullyboy Sean Hannity Gets A Lesson In World Affairs

Reported by Ellen - April 4, 2007 -

Chalk up foreign policy as the latest proficiency in which college dropout and non-serving Sean Hannity hoists himself as an expert. Unfortunately, for Hannity, the two guests on last night’s (4/3/07) made quick work of his chickenhawk “strategy” for dealing with Iran. With video.

In the second of a two part discussion, Hannity adopted his bullyboy tone immediately with guest Ken Taylor, the former Canadian ambassador to Iran. Taylor had previously told Alan Colmes that the Iranians are trying to prove that they can be dealt with diplomatically and, Taylor suggested tactfully, perhaps talks should begin.

In Round 1, Hannity said, “At some point, militarilily, I assume, we’re going to have to deal with Iran.”

No, not according to a real expert. Taylor told Hannity that that would be “catastrophic” and that, strange as it may seem, Iran is one of only two countries (along with the US) that can bring some degree of stability to the “tinderbox” that is the Middle East. "There's no other country with the population, with the military force and with the history that Iran has at the moment."

That was so not what “Let’s get to war with Iran, already (but don’t ask me to do any fighting)” Hannity wanted to hear. In Part 2, he combined his taunting, schoolyard bully tone with insulting words. “Perhaps you’re not paying attention to what the Iranians are doing and saying… It sounds to me with all due respect sir, that you’re living in a fantasy world.” Soon after, he actually laughed in Taylor’s face.

But Taylor was the consummate diplomat and knew how to hold his own without stooping to Hannity’s level. Taylor calmly said, “The easy way out is the explosive way out.”

Hannity, still sounding like a belligerent bullyboy, asked, “Why do you want to appease evil?”

Taylor answered, “It’s not appeasement. It’s sensible diplomacy.”

So Hannity turned to the other guest, former Iranian hostage and retired Marine, Steve Kirtley. Note: It seems to be some kind of Hannity & Colmes rule that every night they have to have one of the 1979 hostages, just to make sure we hate the Iranians enough.

But Kirtley agreed with Taylor that talking to the Iranians is “sensible diplomacy.”

An obviously frustrated Hannity asked Taylor disdainfully, “What are you gonna say to the Holocaust denyer? … What great words of wisdom are you gonna bestow on him?”

Taylor remained unruffled. He said he’d be one of five or six people in a delegation. “That’s the only way a solution’s gonna come about.”