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O'Reilly's witch-hunt continues to target Rosie O'Donnell

Reported by Chrish - April 3, 2007 -

Maybe Bill O'Reilly just wants some of that ratings mojo we saw during the Donald/Rosie kerfuffle a few months ago, or maybe he just wants to silence someone who expresses grave doubts about the honesty and trustworthiness of his beloved Bush administration. Either way, he paints her as an "America-hater" (TM) and continues to push the storyline that something must be done about her controversial statements. I just looked up "hypocrite" and look what I found:


So in his Talking Points Memo tonight 4/2/07, O'Reilly blamed "far-left extremists" including O'Donnell for the diminished reputation of America in the world. (Two weeks ago it was celebrities. Ironically, "anyone but Bush" has become the FOX mantra.) He reminded viewers of his recent "radical" "far out" guests** (who each refused to cave to his bully tactics) Sunsara Taylor and Rocky Anderson, showing clips of each telling absolute truths that are unflattering to the Bush administration. O'Reilly is so afraid that his viewers might have their curiosity piqued by these foreign viewpoints that he spent considerable time after each appearance to misquote and mangle the truths told by his guests, a real coward's technique of debate.

O'Reilly said that O'Donnell and "her radical pals" are telling the world the USA is a criminal nation - another falsehood. O'Donnell, Sheen, Anderson, Taylor, and myriad others are taking the corrupt and criminal Bush administration to task.

O'Reilly called it irresponsible and dangerous and warned his viewers that millions of people all over the world are buying this garbage. Of course, the same can be said about his nightly disinformation and spin.

O'Reilly cited the Popular Mechanics article that supposedly debunked the 9/11 alternative theories, "that nonsense," "beyond dispute," but failed to tell his audience that that article has been challenged point by point by others. He also failed to disclose that

"Following the publication of the article and its exaltation by the mainstream media as the final nail in the coffin for 9/11 conspiracy theories, it was revealed that senior researcher on the piece Benjamin Chertoff is the cousin of Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

This means that Benjamin Chertoff was hired to write an article that would receive nationwide attention, about the veracity of the government's explanation of an event that led directly to the creation of Homeland Security, a body that his own cousin now heads.

This is unparalleled nepotism and completely dissolves the credibility of the article before one has even turned the first page."

He then reverted to "they hate Bush" and cited one - ONE - editorial in Investor's Business Daily that characterized O'Donnell as "hysterical" and called her a name (which has already been parroted all over the right-wing blogosphere, starting with the mindless freepers and Malkin's minions).

But O'Reilly was just looking out for Rosie: while she's demeaning her country (administration), she is only hurting herself and ABC, because Americans always turn away from "haters".

"Summing up, the radical left has to be held accountable because it's distorting the truth and putting American military people in even more jeopardy abroad, and even intimidating politicians like John Edwards and Bill Richardson. this is a group that has now burrowed on to the mainstream stage, and it's doing damage."

Funny, more people are just waking up to the fact that FOX and hate-radio are doing just that. More projection.

What is comical is that this piece demonizing the "radical" "far-left" "haters" and their "dangerous" "irresponsible" "nonsense" comes seconds after he announces we're about to enter the "no-spin zone." Puh-leeeze, the man can't even utter the words "radical right." If he leaned any further right he'd tip over.

** O'Reilly could not bring himself to say the words "radical right" all last week, even though the poll question on his website asked who, of four choices, was most radical right. He had no problem the prior week with his poll asking who was most radical left, however.