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More Reporting Protective of the Bush Administration re the Supreme Court's EPA Decision

Reported by Melanie - April 3, 2007 -

As my colleague Ellen reported earlier today (April 3, 2007), there appears to be some clever reporting going on at Fox "News" over yesterday's Supreme Court ruling that the, "...federal government has the power to regulate greenhouse gases. The 5-4 decision was a rebuke to the Bush administration, which had argued that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must regulate under the Clean Air Act."

The ruling was against the Bush administration and its stand on carbon dioxide emissions. But if you'd seen the "business news" break today during Fox News Live w/Jane Skinner, you would have learned, through Fox's "business news" reporter Terry Keenan, nothing more than that the ruling "dealt automakers a blow."

Comment: Not only does this "reporting" protect the Bush administration, it also "protects" Fox's audience from having to listen to yet another (according to Fox) boring report about whether or not this global warming thing, concocted by liberal scientists who are trying to bust our economy, even exists.